Back to The Keep!

We hit the rails Saturday and headed out to Windsor Castle!!
Except it turns out when you rush Joey, Kev and Jill out of the house early on a Saturday morning the result is well....a disaster!

This is the only smile you will see on Kev's face the whole day! We thought it was a good omen that we just happened upon the changing of the guard but it wasn't. It was just good timing!

Joey was wreck. All she wanted to do was run around on the grass and do somersaults... unfortunately you aren't allowed on the grass in Windsor castle so every time she would run on I would have to go over and get her off, with some rude looks and nods from the guards, I did!

The castle however was amazing! It is huge, sits on top of a hill and has housed the royal family for over 900 years! This is where the archers would stand and shoot out of the little cross. I just thought it was interesting window in the outside wall, then Kev explained about the archers!

The round tower. With the flag showing the queen was in residence! She had just gone out on her horse when we arrived.

The state residence that you can tour! No photography allowed! (or I guess I should say Kev would not allow me taking a shot and getting us kicked out!) This is a shot of the outside looking in. It really is amazing! You could spend so long inside just viewing all the rooms, the Kings bedroom, dressing room and drawing room! Worth every pence it cost to get in!

oh Jojo! How we love you! And wanted to cut our ears off so we couldn't hear your screaming anymore! Needless to say if you are going to tour a castle... find a babysitter, so you can enjoy it!!

A view from the exit! Goodbye Windsor! It was great to visit, we won't be back again anytime soon, but hopefully we will look at these pictures and think it was a fun day when really it was rough, really rough!


She's a Princess, and He's a Lord

Don't worry we have been busy lately... Seeing a little of this and a little more of that!

Jojo at the Disney store in Covent Gardens. She picked out all of these items on her own was not about to give them up. It was funny at first and then a disaster when she tried to walk out of the store with them!

Jojo and Kev looking at a huge pink balloon!

Last Saturday, we went down to the Natural History museum (mine and Joey's second time in a week! It is that good.) and walked down the street, it was closed off so we walked and hung out. They had three live bands and a gypsy performing! Joey was just happy to be spending time with her daddy! She now walks around saying "bye, bye daddy, dada at work!"

Then it was up to Kensington and Hyde Park for the Peter Pan statue and the Serpentine. And maybe the hight light feeding the ducks our chocolate crackers! Joey loves ducks!

We hit up the pool again! Only this time it was freezing and Joey was one of three other kids in the water! It didn't phase her though, she dove right in and had a great time!

She just ran all around the whole pool. I kept telling her to run and run, trying to keep her warm!

In the end she finally came over with purple lips and hands, and was visibly shaking. Maybe we stayed too long... It was fun none the less. And we experienced our first bus ride home that day. Long story short, watch Harry Potter where he takes the night bus. He and I shared basically the same terror only I had a ruder driver! Needless to say we will stick to the tube!

This look familiar? It will if you like tennis!
Kev went to Wimbledon this week with our friend Ty (we miss you Emily!!)

Two hard working men!

They had to stand in a que (line) for about two hours but got in and got to see quite a few games, front row even!

And really the best part! Kev and I went on a date! We went to go see Lord of The Rings at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. It is the oldest theatre in London and it was amazing!

Don't we clean up nice?

Kev went to the box office when it opened and got us ticket front and center! So our seats were in the "stalls!"

Photography is strongly forbidden in the theatre! If they catch you taking a picture they will make you delete it and you can get fined 20,000 pounds! Luckily I got a shot off with out any one seeing! The stage was awesome! And we were so close we could see the actors spit!

We never could have gone with out auntie Kim coming and watching Joey! She gave her a bath, read stories and sang her songs! Thank you so much Kim! You really are the best! It is not often Kev and I get to go out, especially to something as cool as this!

The play was amazing! Granted it was my first so I probably enjoyed that much more, but the sets and the stage design were out of this world and the actors were incredible! It is so fun to see it live and up close and personal, just the way I like things!

All in all it goes down as one of the best dates I have been on (Kev took me to the ballet for Vday so that is up there!) But it was that much cooler to see a play in London written by an English man and preformed by English actors! I just keep having this feeling like wow am I really in England? Every time I have it I think, I need to get my Jane Austen out!

There is Some Blue Sky, Let Us Chase It!

So the last couple of days have been pretty gloomy weather, so we haven't gotten too far in our site seeing!

But today was different. We woke up to the sunshine peeking out of the clouds and decided we better get out and chase it!

We started our day out with a tubbers, Joey and her baby, Ella in thier "hats". Joey all morning chased me around saying, "mama, Hat! baby, baby hat, Mama!!" She calls her towel a hat, and the baby had to have one too. She is really good at putting three words together. Usually one of the words is either mama, dada, or jojo, baby or abby.

We got on the train and I hadn't quite decided where we were going until a mom and her two girls got on and started talking about how fun the Natural History Museum was, aso I decided we should go there!
We made it to the amazing building, pulled Joey out of the stroller only to find her soaking wet! So off we went to Harrods! It was conveniently located just down the street!
But don't worry I didn't actually waste my Harrods money on an emergency outfit. Instead walking down Knightsbridge there was a charity shope where I got Joey an outfit and a dress for 10 pounds. And they are both super cute!

I did however buy Joey this apron from Harrods. It is super cute and plastic. Perfect for when she plays in the kitchen sink and "helps" me cook!

My new favorite store! I spent an hour just walking around the first floor. And don't think I saw everything... I will certainly be returning soon! I loved it!

The museum! It is this huge building! and free to boot! Joey had a great time and so did I. It wasn't even that crowded!

The dinosaur exhibit was awesome! Joey was a little nervous at first but then got in to it. Until the end where they made a life size 3-d model of a T-rex that roars and everything. She cried!

Jojo being a monkey! She even makes the noise. It is pretty funny!

the mammals room. There was a HUGE whale suspended from the ceiling, Joey walked in and let out a big Whoa! It was pretty cool!

My little poser! I didn't even tell her to do this, we were walking up the steps and I pulled out the camera and she automatically sat down and said cheese! I love that little face!

This is a view from the top level. The statue is of Darwin. He certainly wasn't that popular when he was alive! But seriously the building is amazing and it is just a free museum. I love England!

And after a long day of shopping and sightseeing what could be better than sitting up on the couch with baby Ella and Abby (she named them both all on her own, the baby after her cousin Elliot, but she can't pronounce it so she calls him Ella and her cousin Abby, who now every girl around that same age she sees, she yells Abby! Hi!) and watching Elmo! Oh what a day!


God Save The Queen!

Yesterday was Queen Elizabeth II official birthday! her real birthday is in April. To celebrate they do the Trooping of the Colours.

So we got all dolled up and went down to see..

Okay we didn't but a lot of other people did! I was in heaven watching all the ladies go by in their hats and the men in their tails and top hats. (they had tickets to sit in the stands) We just lined the Mall with the other commoners and watched the procession.

The toy solders. Okay that is what they look like to me.

The Queen herself! She really is an amazing lady. Up until a few years back she actually rode in side saddle not in a carriage. And she served in WWII driving trucks and as a mechanic. Pretty cool, I think.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see her! Kevin took the above picture. Joey started crying and needed a nappy change so I got pulled away right as she was about to come. I can't say I wasn't disappointed but Kev got a great shot of her so I feel okay about it!

After our time with her majesty, we walked down Strand. It is quite the street!
As you can see this church still shows the scars of WWII and the air raids over London.

Here are the Royal Courts where the Barristers still wear wigs!

And one of these buildings is an original Tudor not just a facade. I am pretty sure it is the one in the middle. It was Prince Phillips study. (I think prince phillip, but I am not really sure. either way it is really old!)

And what would a day be with out a quick stop at the park!
This one is right by our house and pretty fun! It was really crowded since it was Saturday. As we were leaving Kev says, nice effort by the parents to take their kids to the park today. I don't think there was a single nanny there!

Joey soaking and in her nappy, but still having so much fun and so cute!


We went up to Highbury to the Arsenal stadiums, old and new!

Here is the old

And here is the new... anyone see a difference?

Kev doesn't get excited about much, but seeing the stadium where his favorite futbol club plays and finding out they play a game here before we leave was enough to make even him pose for a picture or two

Isn't he handsome!

The south bank. Where we were actually told if we do go there not to let anyone know that we did. But what can I say, I'm a rebel.

It was actually pretty fun. To see all the street performers line the way was pretty crazy, okay some the the people were pretty crazy! You would have to be to dress up and do this all day. But I guess he got a pound from me so he isn't doing to bad!

And we hit up the Aquarium while we were over there. I am going to be honest and say it doesn't compare to the one in Vegas! (weird I know)

But Joey loved it. She would go up to each tank look in, yell, than turn and say "more?"

But we hear the Aquarium in Barcelona, Spain is amazing. We will let you know after we go in a few weeks!

And last but not least. Joey's new favorite song. Book of Mormon stories. She is so funny. She goes on a kick where she LOVES one song and it is all she wants to sing and do all the actions to. At first it was "itsy bitsy spider", then, "there was a little house", then "popcorn popping on the Apricot Trees" now this. And once she is done with one she will not let you sing it again. So we figured we better document it while she still likes it, because it is pretty funny!

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