Finding her Happy Place!

So with all the sickness that has been going around, we haven't been out much. So we have had to get Joey under one of these lovely barstools! She was really proud of herself once she got under there and was all ready to pose for her camera... That is new too. She loves to bring me our little point shoot camera and then stand there and smile for me! She always makes me laugh, it almost makes up for her recent ill behavior!!

No Business Like Show business

So this is really exciting! Studio 5 on ksl came and filmed me doing a photo shoot and interviewed me about my passion.... (its photography, just in case you didn't catch that!) Anyway it is airing on Monday, Feb 25th at 11:00 am! So tune in!

Jo Jo and Daddy!

Okay so I was asked by Brooke Walker with Studio 5(!) if they could come and film me shooting one of my mothers series. So needless to say I was a bit anxious about it! So I asked Kev to come and do a test shoot with me before the big day! So here are the pics from that shoot....... I love them! Joey and her daddy too cute!

A Little Confusion!

So after a very realistic dream about Joey getting kidnapped because some one found her through my blog I decided to close it down! So now this is my family blog where I will post pics of us and little family stories... whatever I feel I guess! But I have an open photo blog too! So yes mom and Dawnelle that is two blogs! So feel free to check both out!!


Magically Wisked Away To.....

Many of you might know I love suprised! They just make life more fun!
So for Valentines Day Kev took me away on a romantic getaway! It was the first time we have left Joey for the night and boy was it nice to get away and feel like a couple again! Kev planned it all and wouldn't tell me anything except to pack a swim suit!
So we get in the car and head...

I have never stayed there and it was so fun! I have always been a sucker for hotels. There is nothing like getting a mint on your pillow and have someone else make your bed!

So Kev says we have an hour for dinner where do you want to go? I said an hour for dinner why? He wouldn't tell me so we jumped on trax and headed for a qucik dinner. So after dinner we get back off trax and we start to walk, and walk and walk. I am freezing and begging Kev to tell me where we are going so I can help navigate, Kev really does need a little help with that but we finally hit the street and I see Capital Theatere and Ballet West "Cinderella!" I can't tel you how excited I was! I love the ballet! I always tell Kev I think I missed my calling as a dancer!

We had so much fun and I loved every minute of it, especially the breakfast buffet at Little America!! I have to say Valentines Day is my new favorite holiday!....


La La La La Elmo's World!

Oscar you are a little scary! Look at the worried look!

Dorthy you aren't even real!

Mom and her little "Heart Breaker!"

So Win and I are now official card carrying members of the Childrens Museum! Best part is is our pass will get us in to museums in London, Virginia and Seattle... And pretty much everywhere in between!
They have a new exhibit, The Body. All Sesame Street and it is pretty fun! Joey was scared of Oscar the Grouch and his digestive system but loved Hoopers Store and of course Elmo's World! Honestly Joey could have stayed in this room all day!


My New New Do!

This is the inspiration......

and this is me!

Ha! Ha!Okay so not Vogue worthy yet but it will get there!
After a very very long week and a LOT of hair trama I made an executive decision.
Funny thing is, is my hair was this short when Kev and I first met. and the one thing he told his parents about me before we met was that his hair was longer than mine. That isn't true this time around! But I totally love it. My hair was just so fried after this past week of dying and re dying that it was the only cute thing to do! It is crazy to have my hair this short again but I really like it. And when I came home Kev said hey you did it! I have been telling you to cut your hair short forever! I think that is his way of telling me I look good... I mean really good! :)


Little Pool Shark...

With all this snow and cold we have been cooped up inside with not a whole lot to do. So Win has taken up a new hobby! Pool! Mostly she just crawls around puts all the balls in one pocket but she is a good spectator as well! The first night Kev and I played she just sat up in her chair and watched the whole game laughing and clapping! Go figure. I guess it is a good thing our new digs came furnished otherwise we would just be playing ring around the rosies and itsy bity spider all day!

Besides that, I thought these pictures were really cute so I wanted to post them! Funny how I can post pictures of Joey all day but can't manage to put a regular picture of myself up to show off my new hair. Sorry! I guess we all have out things!

Oh and yes her outfit does say "Starlet" on it! Thanks Eryn and yes she does think she is one!


My New Do!

So it has only been 2 years since I have had my hair professionally cut and colored! Sad I know but true!
So I decided it was time... So I went to my friend Courtney Tebbs at Salaon LA Camille in Sugarhouse. And I tell you what she did an awesome job! She put four different colors in my hair and then flat ironed it while she cut, my favorite thing!
So here it is. A new real hair color and a new real cut! Yeah for me!

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