New Season.. New camera!

So Kev was sweet enough to buy me a new camera! And I must say I LOVE it!

We went to Ikea a while ago and I saw a bunch of blossom images printed on canvas. I think I am going to try it with these. When I finally have a permanent place to live that is!!


Let the Count Down Begin!

We only have four weeks left! Time to start preparing.... What do we need again? rain jackets and walking shoes? Check and Check.. But if anyone has any other suggestions let me know! We have to pay a fee to take a second bag so I better fill it with things that are worth taking... or maybe take an empty extra bag and fill it up while I am over there!

this will be Kev (the guy in front all dressed up) going to work everyday! Doesn't he look handsome!!


We Went to the Animal Fair! {hogle zoo}

The birds and the bees were there!

The big baboon by the Light of the moon

Was combing His auburn hair. The Monkey bumped the skunk

and sat on the Elephants trunk. the Elephant sneezed

And fell to his knees, and what became of the Monk

The Monk, The Monk The Monk!


Animals, Animals and more Animals!

We went to Logan this weekend and it was Baby Animal days! It was really fun! We went on Saturday which was pretty crowded but totally worth it. The sun was shining and we even got to take off out jackets! We were so happy to be outside!

Turns out Jowin wasn't really that into holding the baby animals, she was more interested in the wild ducks in the pond. The tractors that were giving rides and the horses that were pulling the wagons.. Go figure!

And of course there was her ballon! that I ended up popping by accident on the way out to the car! nice mom I know. But no she didn't cry, she was so tired by then end she didn't really know what was going on!

And well it wouldn't have been nearly the party it was with out Grammy and Pa! Jowin is always such a doll around these two I am thinking about either leaving her there or moving in with them... Tough choice!

Oh and I guess there is a reason people don't move their kids into big kid beds until they are at least two.. It is a pain and not worth it! Turns out we will be traveling to England with a pack and play...!


Happy Birthday Eryn!

You rock my world!!


Ready Or NOT!!!

So when we left Logan we sold Jowin's nursery furniture but took the crib until April. Well April is here and oh boy are we in for a change!

So I was freaking out over the situation and figured some new bedding might make me feel better about the switch. Isn't it cute? I am in love with it, it has my most favorite fabric ever, the pink and white polka dot!

Well I am happy to report that she is currently asleep in the bed!!! I laid with her until she fell asleep, and might I add it was not easy! My girl is a little too touchy feely for her own good! (and for mine!)

She was excited when we told her she could sleep in the big girl bed! We will see if it lasts through the night. Otherwise hello pack and play for the next four months!


Essie, Essie, Essie!

Jo is in love with this kid! Ethan is the best big cousin! She loves being around him and doing whatever he is doing! We have been spending quite a bit of time with him since Elliot has come and we both couldn't be happier about it!
So Jen thanks for letting us come and spend time with you guys! We love you!

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