She's 4! She's 4! She's 4!!!

In case you didn't hear.... Joey is 4!
And we partied!

Balloons, cotton candy, popcorn, corndogs, and lots of friends! It was so fun!

Joey had such a good time! She got a new dress and a new american girl doll! She was so excited! She said, "I can't believe I finally have a real American Girl Doll!" To which I think, neither can I:)

The kids getting ready for the cake. The barbie cake with no candles mind you, I told her she couldn't have candles if she had a barbie cake... But she wanted one, so she got it! I thought it turned out pretty cute! The flowers made from starbursts, mind you.

Opening gifts is always so fun! And it produces some really cute smiles! When asked what her favorite gift was, she had a hard time putting her finger on it, but after naming a few she came up with all my new clothes and my dolls clothes! Thats my girl!

After opening gifts I told Jo she needed to giver her friends hugs and tell them thanks. Which she did, I wish I could have gotten one of her face, she is so sweet when she gives real hugs, closes her eyes and squeezes so tight! It is one of the things I love about her most!

This picture is so funny to me! Joey and Sam! Joey is only a few months older than Sam, and about a foot taller! It is a crack up!

Joey and Imani!!

Joey and the Takemotos!

Enjoying the clean up at the end when they finally got to play with the flower balloons!

Great party! Sis is 4! Couldn't love you more!

Papa Bear

We welcomed a new friend to the house... Papa Bear! He could be found at Costco, just beware when you check him out of all the stares you will receive!

Jackson loves him! He runs and jumps on him and cuddles up and reads a book or two!

And of course Kev and I have taken a nap or two on him.
All in all I would say he is a great addition!


"I absolutely must do watering now"

We headed down to DC to enjoy the weather and the crowds last week. We stopped in the botanical gardens and the kids had a blast! Watering, and splashing, and digging! Some day we will have a garden of our own! Some day:)


This Makes Me Happy

If you know Joey, you know she doesn't sleep often. She goes a million miles a minute, talks, runs, laughs, cries, all of it, full speed ahead! So when she finally, finally sleeps.... It's awesome! Love ya sis, live ya more when you rest:)


This Guy...

Jackson, This guy is such a crack up! Such a personality, such a great laugh, such a looker! Boy do I love him!

oh and yes, Joey took this picture... Girls got skills

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