Its Snow! Its Snow!

Weather on the East Coast isn't exactly predictable so when we were driving home from the dr today and it started snowing I figured we better make the most of it! We had absolutely no snow on Christmas and it hasn't really felt like winter here but today it did!

Joey was so excited to play, she listed everything she needed to get on before she could go outside, hat, gloves, boots and comfys!

Making her first snow angel!

Since it doesn't really snow here we don't have a sled, so we improvised! She didn't mind, she thought it was a blast anyway! Especially when I got in it with her! It was a bit of a squeeze but I am happy to report the basket managed to come out un harmed and so did my pride!

We had a snow ball fight and then I had to explain that really snow balls are only for throwing at daddy!

When we got inside Joey told me "thats pretty fun playing in the whole big snow!" and I have to agree it was fun and I am glad we got a little winter fun in, I am sure it will all be gone in the morning!


"Mom, whats happned me?"

Okay so there is something in the water out here that makes all little girls want hair cuts! That or is because Joey has seen me cut my own hair, Kevs hair and my friend Aprils hair that has made her repeatedly ask for her own hair cut!

So I did it! I cut her long hair in to a short cut! Really we are just jumping on the bandwagon, Lily and Anna got theirs cut and than we were over at her friends and out of no where her little friend says "mom I need a hair cut!" I figured it was only a matter of time until she did it herself!

So while I was cutting away she kept asking "mom whats happened me?" And when we finished I asked her if she liked it and she said, "I want to put it back!" oops!

However now she tells me she is big enough to go to school and she looks like Madeline! Both good things in my book!

The back is messy in this pic but I wanted to show it because it is really cute! I messed up a little on the front because she would not for the life of me look up when I asked her to but what can you do, she is only two after all!

Finally a smiling one! I'm not sure where she learned this smile but oh well it works!

Everyone who has seen it says she looks really different and grown up. I guess I am still on the fence because all I see when I look at her is Joey just missing her hair! Although I will say I am glad I no longer have to find new ways to do her hair, bribe her to hold still when I do her hair and mostly listen to her scream when I pull her hair!


The Aqueem! Day 1 and 2

If you haven't been to the Baltimore Aquarium you should! It is awesome! Thursday morning Jo, Grandma and I got in the car and headed up there to meet Sarah and her boys! I didn't know what to expect, my past aquarium trips always seem to be a dissapointment. But not this one! So much so we are new members and will be going back frequently!

The bubbles at the entrance of the exhibit, really Joey could have stayed here all day and been happy!

But we soldiered on and saw it all! Stingrays, zebra sharks!

And Emo! So Joey has never seen "finding Nemo" but heard the other kids yelling and and joined in. Really I just think kevs taste in music has rubbed off on her! I kept telling her not Emo, Nemo... didn't matter!

The best part had to be the Dolphin show! It was so fun! And so cool! And of course Joey LOVED it!

They jump and splash the front rows! It is great!

As I said I bought a membership so on Saturday we went back with Kev!

Frightening picture of me I know but Joey and Kev look good!

Joey and Daddy enjoying the exhibits! They both love the water!

A little place for a rest!

Happy to report that on day two she left one happy camper! As opposed to our ending on day one where she screamed and screamed and then we got lost on the way home! Still sorry about that Marj! I think I will get the hang of driving out here soon! Atleast I will know my way to and from Baltimore really well!


Where Have We Been?

We've been to London to see the Queen! (okay not it this post, but if you have read Madeline in London you know what I am talking about :)
Actually we have been to the DC temple, Williamsburg and ringing in the New year!

Joey has decided she will no longer pose in pics with mom and dad, apparently we are not cool enough anymore!

Then it was off to Colonial Williamsburg! Which was really cool! Can you believe this was and probably still is someones house? It is amazing!

Joey got to see some serious oxen, she was impressed!

There were so many things to take pictures of! All the old shops that still sell colonial items. And I loved all the signs.

Joey spent her time pushing her stroller, collecting rocks and climbing on hitching posts. She is a real history buff!

As it got dark we headed back to the hotel where Joey and daddy took a swim! It was fun for her, really she just liked the hot tub but I think we will have a good time swimming this summer in our pool!

We got back just in time to ring in the New Year where Marj was good enough to let me off camera duty. (okay I forgot to bring mine) when we went bowling and had a little party! This was Jo's first time bowling and it was a blast! Yeah she got a little tired of waiting for two turns, but hey what two year old wouldn't!

This was totally a strike!
Jumping for joy! It was really funny!

The kids finished their game before the adults and guess who cleaned up by getting a TURKEY! Oh yeah me! I tied with Sarah for first! We worked our husbands!

The kids reading with bompa, don't worry they did see midnight much to their parents displeasure but hey if it only happens once a year it is fine with me!

Audios 2008 bring on 2009!

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