And on that farm we saw some.... Pigs, goats, horses, ducks, cows, and tractors!! E I E I O!!


To Rome!

Today we went down to the National Art Gallery for a kids program. They got to learn about a painting, read a story and then make their picture. It was super cute and Joey had a good time with her friends Sam and Lauren. She had to wear her artsy dress and Jack had to wear his artsy had. We like to train them young at our house:)


Southern Belle

Joey got all ready for the pool today! Her outfit was so cute I had to get a photo of her! She cracks me up:)


Summer Time

These two spend more time in their swimsuit than in normal clothes! And I have to say I am loving it! Joey swims like a fish, yes she even puts her head underwater! Which she obviously did not learn from me! And Jack loves to see how deep he can go before he can't touch and jumping in off the side! Summer I must say, we love you!


Just dance

Our friends from church put together a dance class for the kids this week. Today was so fun! The kids had a great time! And I loved this picture so much I had to blog it:)


Birthday Wishes!

Today my hot sexy loving kind incredibly selfless husband turns 28! Kev I am so glad you were born today and that I get to spend this day with you! And all the rest we will have in this life together! I love you! Thank you for always waiting to respond to me, for never using harsh words with me, for always doing what I ask, for being my best friend, and for loving me and the kids more than anything else! (even soccer) For always working so hard, and for always being th man I dreamed of marrying! Love you!


Its Tradition!

Kev spent the first birthdays of his life at the beach and now that we are living on the east coast we decided to head back to the beach for his birthdays now!
We had a blast! Sure it rained and we had to leave a bit early, but the first day was great and the night wasn't so bad, tent and all!

The waves were large! I mean, really large! But the kids weren't afraid!
Joey and Sam had such a good time! They love each other! And Sam has only told his parents he is going to marry her a few times!

They sat they played!

They got rolled and swamped and Joey cried! But only for a minute, and she was back to playing in the sand, happy as a clam!

Look at all that sand! she still has it in her hair! I think we brought most of the beach home with us!

JACKSON!! This guy was so funny! Not in the least afraid of the water, or the sand, or the horses, or the birds. I mean he had a blast!

Especially when daddy was around. The boy is attached! I decided it is great, I get a break and they get to bond!

Whenever Kev went in the water Jack cried so he decided to take him out! He loved it!

The men in my life! They are so good looking!

Us as a fam! We look good on the beach don't we?

Kev I love your birthday, not only because we get to go to the beach and have fun as a family, but because you were born and I love you like crazy!

Girls Day

We got out on Saturday just the two of us for a girls day! Sometimes we just need to spend a little time together just having fun. No yelling or fighting. Just laughing and playing. I love my girl! I'm so lucky to be her mom!

Happy 4th!!

Happy Birthday America! A big thanks to the founding fathers so we could BBQ with friends and watch awesome fireworks! What a great country we live in! And what great friends to celebrate with!

Happy 3rd!!!

We had a blast celebrating at the Andersons house on Saturday! BBQ! Waterslide! Fireworks! And lots of Fun! Thanks guys!!

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