Friends?.... CUTE!

We went up to Brigham City to go see Stacy and Crew! It was really fun! We took some pictures of Stacy and Crew and then of course we had to throw Jowin in and take some of the kidos!

Jowin and Crew were so funny together.. Crew would push her around and she would just put her hands up to her neck and try to run away all shy! They are around the same age but Jowin looked so much bigger! She is almost a whole head taller! Now if she could take that size and use it!


Happy Easter!

Oh and what a happy Easter it was! Jen's boy Ethan has been staying with us so Jowin had an awesome weekend playing with her cousie and having sleep overs every night. The only problem is Ethan wakes up at 5 am and Jowin doesn't get up until 9! So we settled on 8 am for the Easter egg hunt this morning and boy did the bunny come! They both got tennis rackets and more candy than they should eat in a life time. Which Jowin wasted no time in putting a serious dent in her stash today!

Later that afternoon we went downtown to temple square! It was such a beautiful day!

It has been a tradition to take family pictures on Easter... They never seem to turn out the best. But I thought these ones were cute. No tripod and just a timer.. But fun none the less!


He's Here!

My sister Jen had her beautiful baby boy today!(no name yet... maybe Elliot!)
I was driving her other son, Ethan up to the hospital to go meet his new baby brother and he turned to me and said "Jill, I have been waiting my whole life for a baby brother!" and of course here came my water works! He is just the sweetest boy! He has been waiting his whole life, 8 years for a baby brother and now he has one! Amen!


Goodnight Room

I know I know this is the 3rd post in a row about Joey but this is too funny!

So as we were putting her down to bed tonight, her usual routine, bath, jammies, stories, prayers bed. Instead tonight she climbed up on to the daybed and got under the covers and laid down to go to sleep.

Thankfully it didn't last and she did go to sleep in her cribby! I guess she is ready to grow up but I am not quite ready for it yet!.... maybe I should be, it would make the move to London a lot easier....


Oh the places she'll go!

Oh Jo Jo is 18 months! isn't she cute? She loves nursery and play group. She is very social and loves to be outside and doing something!


No Way, No way, No Way!

Learned some new tricks she has! Getting dressed on her own and saying no way! to everything!

Joey do you want to get dressed? No Way!
Joey did you like nursery? No Way!
Joey do you want to go the museum? No Way!
Joey should we go play outside? No Way!

It is the first thing I wake up to in the morning.. I hear her in her room have full conversations to herself, they always seem to end with no way! laugh, no way!... Then I laugh!



Oh what Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned twenty five! and if I live as long as my grandad a quarter of my live is now lived! (my grandad is 102!)
So in honor of my big day.... 25 things I want to do before I die.. or I guess while I live!
(some of these will be accomplished sooner than others!)

1. Go to Europe...
2. Shopping spree at Harrods
3. Shopping spree in NYC
4. Shopping spree in Paris
5. See all of Monets paintings
6. Go to an Annie Lebowitz show
7. Have my own art show
8. Own a Burken bag. Hermes
9. Own a home
10. Own and ride horses
11. learn to paint, well
12. live next door to Eryn
13. Take Joey to Europe when she graduates from high school
14. Go on a mission
15. have a darkroom in my house
16. make my husband really happy!
17. Go to a fashion show in NYC
18. design my own clothes
19. Learn to sail
20. Learn spanish
21. Fit in in London
22. Go to a temple session in every temple in the US
23. Learn to dance
24. read the Book of Mormon with each of my kids
25. See Joey get married in my wedding dress

25 things, some important and some just for fun.... Good luck to me!


Good Mornings!

I love mornings! They are so fun! Winnie wakes me up by hitting her wall and yelling ma ma ma! I think it is so funny! the best is Sunday mornings when she yells dada dada! Oh and I love little girl nightgowns! I mean come on they are the best!

So good morning!


What's This?

Oh, it's a PONY!

So Eryn once told me that just because you can do a pony tail doesn't mean you should! Well I guess those were wise words because by the end of the day she looked a mess! But hey it was cute in the morning and for these pictures so I guess I can't complain! But for now I think we will stick to piggies and side ponies!

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