She may look like me... But she has her daddy's attitude!

I found this picture of me on my moms computer... And this little one of Win on her computer.. I think we are about the same age! Pretty funny I thought!
I guess I should elaborate on my title... According to parents views I was a sweet tempered baby and a bit of a handful as a teenager. According to parents Kevin was quite the handful as a baby and a breeze as a teenager. He could never be told what to do or how to do it. (still holds true today!) Well Win is just the same way. She insists on doing things in her time and in her way. For example, she will not go down the stairs on her belly like she should. Instead she has to face forward, she wants to walk down them but knows she can't just yet. So instead she goes face first but sits on her bum on every step and lowers herself down. It is pretty funny but a little scary at the same time. So like I said... She may look like me, but she has her dads attitude!

What a Difference 6 Months Makes!

So I have been thinking a lot about moving lately. Maybe I shouldn't because if I think about it too hard it really might make me cry! Anyway Eryn and I will soon be living on two different coasts, her the Pacific and me the Atlantic. And I just wanted to give her a shout out and tell her, I am totally stoked for you to be going back "home"! I can't imagine Win and Aus not going to the same high school. Heaven knows she is going to need someone to keep an eye on her! But I guess we will see what the future holds! I love you Howeys!!

It's Not Me... It's Logan!

So what are the chances that my car breaks down twice in two weeks? Well this time I think it is pretty serious. Win and I were driving home from Brigham City last night (we went down for Crew's birthday, Happy Birthday Crew!) and as soon as we got past Mantua my car just died! RPMs just went down and it just stopped and killed. Luckily Win had fallen asleep so it was not as bad as it could have been, waiting for a half an hour for Kev to come get us!
All I know is this. I have only ever had car problems or been left stranded on my way back to Logan... So what does that say? It is not me.... It has to be Logan!
I guess we will have to get a nice and reliable car when we are living in DC because there will be no mom and dad living 5 minutes away to come rescue us!!!


Continuing Mother Series

So I lately I have been photographing mothers and their kids. Just something I got in my head that would be a fun series to do. And it really has been! It is so fun to spend an hour or so with a mom and her child and just take pictures of them interacting. It is so funny to see the things they do and see their personalities come out on film. So I thought I would charge a special rate so lots of people can have these fun pictures on themselves and their kidos!


Girls, girls and more girls!

My friend Chelsea came over the other day and we took some pictures! Super cute!
Oh did I mention she has TWINS! They are so funny and so cute and identical I can never tell them apart! They are just a few months older than Win. So after pictures they came over and played. It was fun for her to see "double trouble" and share all her toys with them!


Ready To Go Mom!

So the other morning Winnie decided she was going to get ready to go on her own. She grabbed her own shoes, brought them over to me, mismatched of course. Then went in her room and grabbed her purse and her bear. Lately everytime we leave the house she has to grab at least two things, one in each hand and then head out the door! In this case it was her bear and her purse, usually it is her little people animals or a doll and a book! I never knew a girl to be so girlie at such a young age! Lucky Kevy! Surrounded by pink on all sides! ( side note, the bathrobe was my doing. She had just gotten out of the tubbers!)


The Hills Are Alive!... But my car is dead!

Well it is no secret I love Autumn! It is my favorite time of year. So the other day I decided I would go out and photograph a little of it.
Well what happens when Jill decides to do landscape photography? My car breaks down! Sure enough! I don't know what magic touch I have with cars but I really do break down a lot. Sure some people would blame on the fact that I haven't driven a car newer than 96, since 1996 but no, it really is me! Luckily I have a wonderful husband and father who both came out to rescue us!
Oh and we also found out why those black and orange bugs are called Box Elder Bugs, Win and I were attacked by about one hundred of them! I guess I will be cleaning those out of my car for weeks to come!
But hey, aren't the leaves pretty?!

Let the Healing Begin!

We got the xray of Win's fractured clavicle from the Orthopedic Surgeon we went to this week. Not the most fun Dr. visit we have ever had. Two hours in a tiny room with a one year old, just to find out not much healing is going on! It was a bummer. I got myself already to hear that she was healed and instead we heard she has to wear the brace for atleast one more month! Oh what a trooper she is! She really has been wonderful I think it hurts me more than it does her!



Just what every little girl needs.... a little quality dad time! Win loves to get down Kev's xbox controllers and go to town. She is getting pretty good too! But just so you know this is a rarity in our house. Kev has been so busy with school and work this semester he barely has time to breath let alone play videos games! But we see the light at the end of the tunnel, he signed both offers this weekend. Deloitte in London in May, and Price Waterhouse Cooper in DC in September! We are so excited and can't wait to get started..... So then Kev can work 80 hour weeks instead of 40....wait..?

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