Joey's first talk in primary

She was so excited all weekend and wanted to practice with her toy microphone. She even let Mama do her hair curly! If you listen closely at the end when she's going back to her seat you can hear one of her friends tell her that her dress is beautiful

Wouldn't Be NY

With out a trip to American girl! We all ventured out bright and early on Saturday, even pas and Scotty came. To which Scott exclaimed this is my nightmare! But Joey and I had a good time, I mean come on, look at her smile!

Chillen in the Hood

We braved Philly for the second year in a row and had a good time! In the hotel that is! I couldn't keep the kids out of the pool so that is pretty much all we did. Just the way we like it!


My 28th

I celebrated my 28th year of birth like this, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be.

The Cake, The Guests, The Gifts

The GUY! happy birthday Jackson! I hope you know how special you are to our family and how much we all love you. Your grunts make us laugh, your growls make us hide and you laugh make us happy! We love you!

Happy Birthday, did you know?

Jack your 2!!!!!

A Bunch of Monkeying Around

What's better than getting to fly all the way across the country to see the people you love the most? Nothing, unless you could live next door, that would be sweet! The kids had a blast! Jo got to idolize Kay, fight with Austin, worship Tucker and hug on Coley! Jacksy got to play tag and climb ladders, ride in Jeeps and strip with Cole! I got to get new teeth, watch my sis sew me clothes and have make overs with little girls! All in all, I'd say we saw it all! Love you Howeys!

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