Put me in the zoo, I think I'd fit right in! Don't you?

We took the drive and went to the zoo! Three moms and seven kids and one heck of a good time! We only made it to about half and had to call it a day! But we enjoyed the zebras and flamingos, elephants and apes! Jack was actually so scared to stand by the gorillas even though they were the only ones he was excited to see! But one I put him in his stroller he relaxed and started to like them. They were huge and so fun to see! Don't worry lions and tigers and pandas, we'll be back to see you soon!

"oh I just love tank tops!"

We had our first taste of summer on Monday with a hot day at the park ad a sunburn to go with it! It was so much fun and after the kids were begging for more nice days. So I guess I'll say it, rain rain go away! We want to go outside and play!!


An Easter Day

The day started with a beautiful dress and a very dapper suit and it ended with lots of friends, mud, food and fun! Happy Easter!


Today we went to the kite festival next to the Washington monument. It was so fun! We went when Jack was a brand new baby and he spent the whole time in his stroller while Joey ran crazy having fun. Two years later and it was the same scenario! Joey going crazy flying a kite and jack making himself a fort in the stroller with his blanky:)

Awesome Blossom

Off to ride the train, fight the crowd and have some fun! Thanks to bffs the day went better than could have been expected! Thanks for the trees Japan, they are beautiful!

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