It runs in the family!

"his name is Jackson!"
"he is so sweet!"
"his name is Jackson!"
"he likes to eat!"


Beach Sighting

We are spending the week in OBX this week! A fun filled vacation with
friends, sand and sea, and Turkey! Yahoo! Joey told Kev she is so
excited to go to the beach house cause than daddy doesn't have to go
to work! I feel the same way! More to come... Happy Thanksgiving!


My Night Time Drama....

Joey asleep on the stairs at 7 pm. wet hair, binky in and stark naked... the reason?

She had just gotten out of the tub and wanted to sleep in a pair of pajamas that were in one of her bins in the very top of her closet. A bin with her summer clothes for next year that I had stuck her summer jammies in, thinking she won't be needing them through the winter months. Apparently I was wrong. Somehow she saw the tiny part of green sticking out from the stack of clothes and decided those were the pj's she was going to wear that night. Joey, Joey, Joey..... She threw a monster tantrum when I couldn't reach them and told her she would have to do with out them tonight and wait until dad came home to get them down. After a few minutes of screaming, I left the room and told her to figure it out on her own.... I guess this is what she figured out, her asleep on the stairs, "freezin!" her words, not mine.


All Hallows Eve

Or I mean crazy running around, super sugar high, double fisting the candy bags and pretty much an all around party!

We started with a fun Joy School party! Where we had a parade and sang a few Halloween songs.... Okay, where I sang a few Halloween songs :)
Cinderella/Sydney, Tinker Bell/Joey, BuzzLightYear/Sam, Cowboy/Trey

Than it was off to the Ward Trunk or Treat! Which was a blast! Joey had so much fun running around with friends I didn't even see her most the night! (heaven help me when she is a teenager)

And Jackson got to eat a chocolate cupcake! I was only saw the aftermath. I wasn't there to put a stop it :)
All our primary kids! I couldn't believe we got them all rounded up for the pic! Our primary is huge! And really fun!

Trick or Treat!!
Tink and Peter! Oh so cute!

Joey ready to go! She let me curl her hair and everything! I thought she looked to cute! Just like Tink! Attitude and all!!

The whole lot! Super heros and super mom, an imagination mover and the cast of Peter Pan, Tink, Peter, Wendy, and Hook!

Jackson enjoying his first ever Trick or Treat! He enjoyed the ride but it got pretty cold at the end, and well he can't eat any candy so he didn't really get any reward, poor guy!

Joey did however collect candy for him anyway. Politely telling them, "this is for my baby brother." (good call Kev!)

Joey Loved Trick or treating this year! She didn't miss a house and her lines were very well memorized by the end. "Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat! Thank you! Happy Halloween!!" Than off to the next! I loved it!

By the end we were all pretty well done. Soaked from the rain, cold, and Lucky we brought lights to lead the way home! Tinks wings lit up to lead us home!

Happy Halloween! Next year Joey will absolutely be Snow White! But the one with the cape! (I better start sewing now!)

PUnkin Pickin!

All aboard the Joy School bus!! Off to Pumpkinville for some fun!

This was our second attempt, the first time it was too windy to go in. But we were lucky the second time around and had a blast! It was chilly! It was wild! It was Joy School! except we missed Treyster :)

Put three kids in a huge field with huge slides, blow up and hay and well this is what you get!

Dirty....But very happy!

Thank goodness for strollers and Heidi bringing an extra sweater that Joey wore, thanks again Heidi!

By the end the kids we starving!! They all ate free apples, got their pumpkins and went to McDonalds! Yep I know, lucky!



My brother Scott was down in Maryland last weekend, so we headed over to see him!
Dora, I mean Joey was all ready to go! She is obsessed with Dora as of late, luckily I think it is really funny and pretty cute!

Joey and Scott exploring the city of Annapolis. It is a cool little town, rich with sailing history, and cannons too!

The men pushing the stroller that Jo wouldn't ride in and Jackson wouldn't get out of!

Me trying to take a pic of the two of us with my camera! Ha!

Jack getting some good investment advice from his loving uncle! Okay really it was just kisses!

We took a water taxi over to the boat show. I have been wanting to take one forever and it was fun! I like being on the water, and so did the kids!

A few shots of the sea... It was a fun trip! Got to see my brother, ate some delightful crab, went on a boat that cost more than my house... You know the usual stuff!

Home Sweet Home!

We made it! WE are in and have been working hard! New floors, new paint, new house! We are lovin it! Except the other day I asked Joey, Don't you love our new house and she replied, "yeah but not really..." But that isn't true she does. And Jackson oh how he loves his own room! Anytime he gets a little fussy I just take him up there and he calms right down and starts kicking and wants to get down and play! Thank goodness for PBkids blue paint color, it is really soothing and pretty! Joey is sleeping so much better since we moved. Gone are the days of coming out of her room every five seconds asking for anything she can think of just to get a glimpse of what we are doing. More pictures to come when all the painting is done and photos are hung. But for now it is for sure, home sweet home!
(oh and our new place is only about 2 miles from our old apartment. We were lucky. We got to stay in our ward and be closer to our friends, stores and library!)


Goodbye to the 303

I am surprised by how overcome with emotion I was last night when I went and officially moved us out of our apartment. It was our firdt home here in VA, Jacksons first home ever and the longest place Joey has lived in since she was born! Yes we move around a lot. You were a great first place here, many friends were made and parties were given. I won't miss the three flights of stairs or the extremely high utilities we paid. But the pool rocked and so did being so close to the river! But as they say, on to bigger and better! I will post about the new place soon! Oh and good news, I found Kevs socks!!


Prima Ballerina

Yeah Joey started ballet! I'm not going to lie I have been looking
forward to this day for a long time and she loved it!

Whatcha eaten under there?

Oh how he LOVES pancakes! I mean loves them. He goesto town on them
and when they are gone is still asking for more!

No one was stirring.. Except JoJo

We have been in the process of moving for the past little while and
since we have been waste deep in painting and flooring, it hasn't left
a lot of Joey time. So when she came down at six am this morning Kev
simply handed her his phone and went back to sleep. But instead of watching a movie which is what she usually does. (girl can navigate an iphone better than I can) she went around the house and took pictures. Jackson asleep, Jackson's new blue walls, Jackson's closet. Her bed and her backpack. It made me laugh so hard when after church she came and showed me her little photo shoot! To be honest, I couldn't be more proud!


Howd you like them apples!

Over the river and through the woods to the apple picking orchard we go! Just one of our many planned Joy School field trips! Joey was so excited to actually pick apples! And I was so excited to get to take so many cute pictures!

I love the little red buckets!

And so did they! The kids are so funny! What one does they all must do! and they do!

Ready to get down to business! So excited she actually let me take pictures of her!

Trey is in this picture...just hiding in the back! It was a little hard to get them to all smile, or sit, or stand or stay in one orchard line together!

Loved these pictures of Joey! Once I mention Snow White's apple she couldn't get enough. Except she kept recounting the show, if you recall the red apple isn't the right apple to eat.

So many apples!

Oh did I mention we brought monkeys with us instead of kids? I am sure the crazy bee lady that was running the orchard would not have approved, but the kids thought it was fun!

The whole group! Babies and all! We often say that it is Joey's world and we are all livin in it. It couldn't be more true about Jax! Poor guy get drug everywhere at any time all on a account of his big sis. Thankfully he is easy going and loves to be around her and laugh at her! So it works!

Thank goodness or it would be a long semester of Joey School! (that was a typo but it totally worked!:)

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