So.... Jackson has pnemunia.... Yep not pretty... Not cool... Not
My poor baby, I all these things did not have to happen to you. I wish
I could make it go away for you. I love you little boy. Thanks for
being so sweet and so strong and so happy through it all!



Not my family, but these pictures have been forgotten. We took them one day after church, I was determined to have a Christmas card picture, which didn't happen... But Now that I look at these, they aren't that bad. But trying to get a baby to look at a camera with no one behind it is pretty much impossible, oh that goes for the 3 year old too.

It's funny these weren't taken that long ago just be Thanksgiving and already my kids have changed SO much! I mean Joey has her binky in these pictures! And Jackson is just a baby! Well he still is a baby to me...

It is funny to go back and look at these, Kev and I look the same but my kids look so different. I guess it happens so fast I haven't even been noticing. But being home these past few weeks and really looking at them, they are getting bigger everyday! And as much complaining I have done about being trapped in the house, at least I have learned this.. And will hopefully slow down and look and play with my kids, because before I know it they will be big and not want me anymore.. So for now I will try and enjoy the constant mom mom mom mom mom mom mom.....



Look out it's Jackson! He reminds me more of a tornado rather than a
baby! He loves to pull everything down and out and move on to the
next target. All the time with a huge smile on his face! He smiles,
Joey cries and I try to stop him and he has pnemunia! Still he just
smiles! What a guy!


Good Night Sweetheart!

Joey has been having a hard time going to bed lately (again) except
this time, she tells us she is scared... Scared of the lights, of the
fan, of Jacksys crying, pretty much anything she can think of! So
tonight I tried something a little different, I found all 19 of her
dolls and stuffed animals! Now she can't be lonely or scared! It was
worth a try right?


Bonjour Butterfly

Word on the street is that the Butterfly exhibit is free on Tuesday, so AFTER playgroup we loaded all five kids in the car and headed in to the metro area to the Natural History Museum! It is one of Joeys favorites and it is so funny because she went through the list of all the people who have gone with us there! (you know who you are!)

First off to the Elephant, that the giant squid, than the mammals, than the butterflys!

I of course forgot my real camera so these babies we shot on my iphone, while holding a 11 months old....little blurry, but still cute!

The kids were very uncertain of the butterflies and I am not actually sure they really saw any, but it was fun and cool to see for the adults!

Luckily for us the museum was pretty empty so we had free rein! The kids were great, and even though I am sure we looked like a quite a scene, it was fun and totally worth it!

Except! I did not get my whale cookie which was a BIG bummer but all the kids got a chomping T-rex, so all in all I would say it was worth the effort! Next time we are headed to the American right Sarah? :)


My Charlie And Lola

This last month has been filled with cold weather and sick kids. It takes a lot to keep us inside and home all day, and this sickness has done it. So of course with sick kids comes some movie watching! We have gotten to know Charlie and Lola pretty well around our house and it has been funny. But I think it needs to end and we need to see some warmer weather! :)

I'm not sure what snacks they were having but apparently they were GOOD! They were down there for quite a while, hanging out and "snuggin" I'm so glad they love each other! ;)

And Mr. Trouble himself! Oh this boy has stolen my heart and makes me laugh so hard!

I only hope they can be as good of friends as Charlie and Lola! Joey is turning in to Lola before my eyes, so maybe Jacks will pick up on some Charlie attitude! (he is very patient with his sister)
I guess spending a day in and watching shows isn't so bad every once in a while!

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