3!3!3! She's 3!

Secret Garden Party
Saturday August 29, 2009
10 am
Bles Park
(turns out August 29th in VA is HOT!)

She is three! My baby girl is three years old! Wow! What a day! I wanted to make it a good one since we didn't get to go to New York and celebrate with Kay Kay, I figured we would throw a big party! Joey came up with the guest list, inviting a mere 15 kids! All named by her mind you! Than after the invitations went out she came to me and said "I know mom. we can have my party at the fountains!" And you know what we should have! It was so hot and so humid that the cake melted the bugs were out in full force and really it was so muggy all the kids were uncomfortable, not to mention the parents!

However we carried on, thinking it was going to rain any minute (it would have been a nice cool off, but no) We did a scavenger hunt to find the secret garden!

We set up the party off the path by the river, which Joey was nervous that one of her friends would "drain" Yes I need to be more careful about what I say! The secret garden where we decorated masks, ate cake, and opened presents!

Like I said it was hot and with 13 little kids a little chaotic, so I don't know who cared or who got a masked colored but I made them all so they decorated them if only for a few minutes!

The cake was made with love, but melted fast in the heat! All the kids thought the lollies were popsicles because they were dripping from the humidity! Joey was excited though to blow out the candles and eat her chocolate cake that she picked out!

Joey posing with her friends! She really was excited to see every one who came and I think gave them all a hug at least once! She loves her friends!

And the real fun was opening presents! All the kids just wanted cake and presents they could have cared less about crafts and games! Kids after my own heart! So we got to the goods and it was fun!

I love how three year old open gifts, Jo would tear one open, get swarmed, forget what she had just opened, move to another one in another spot, to be swarmed and than get up and move again! It was funny and cute and she loved it!

She got some great stuff! Thanks to all her friends! Her mom and dad even pulled out the big guns and got her the scooter she has been asking for since April! If you know Jo she forgets very little and for the past 5 months has remembered that she asked for a pink scooter for her birthday and that is what she got!

She had such a great day! She was so excited to see friends, wear her new party dress and get all kinds of new things! One thing about Joey that I think is so funny is she always asks why she is getting something, like if I get her some new toy or shirt she always asks why she got it. But not on her birthday she knew it was a big day and a day to celebrate the day she was born! And I am glad she felt special and loved because she is and I really love her! Even if I had to go through 23 hours of labor and three hours of pushing to get her here, she is worth it and I love every minute I get with her!

Thanks to everyone who came and called and sent her love! She knew it was a special day and loved every minute of it! She woke up this morning and asked Kev how long until she turns 4!!! So I guess the count down is on! 364 days?? Not too long right?


For Sale

5 month old baby boy
15 pounds
28 inches
nurses every three hours
loves rice cereal
loves his binky and his cuddley
has decided to stop sleeping though the night
was up last night at 1 am, 4 am and awake for the day at 7 am
Any takers?



I forgot to add this picture, so it can have a post to itself! I don't know what I would do with out my sisters they are my rocks and I love them! My sister Jen just had her third baby boy Hugh (he is in the sling) and really I love her! I have grown up always knowing what and who I wanted to be because I had such great examples to look up to! Jen I am so happy I got to see you and that you are still alive! Don't ever scare us like that again! Eryn! My mentor and biggest fan, thanks for always talking to me and helping me out of any problem! For literally giving me the shirt off you back, for flying out here to see me! For flying me to Utah to hang out with you and mostly for all your encouragement. You are more than entitled! You are my big sister, my best friend and I love you!


The Wild Wild West

If you ever want to prove your sanity or lack there of, try flying across the country with a two year old and and five month old! Not only that, when you get to Utah spend your time with about 15 other kids!! It was a non stop cousin party and Joey couldn't get enough! Jackson was more than a little tripped out, everytime a new face would run around the corner yelling he would about jump out of his skin! Poor guy, but he wasn't the only baby or the smallest for that matter.

We took the weekend to head down to Salt Lake and walk around temple square

Joey might have had a major crush on Tucker... okay actually she is absolutely in love with him! And he was so sweet to her, he held her hand and told her the bible stories as we walked by the paintings. It was really cute!

Hyde Park Days
We spent a weekend with the Thueson cousins for fire works and the best swing you will ever find! (thanks for the pictures marj!(

Joey with her other cousin Tucker!! Going down the slide
Swinging high!!

Cokeville Days

Than it was off to Pa's ranch for the weekend! Which was so fun! My parents finished the cabin that was originally built in the early 1800's. It is awesome and so nice not to be camping after all these years!
The parade!

Jackson enjoying the parade!

Cousins, Cousins and more cousins! Lots of love!

The hard part about being the photographer is you are so busy taking pictures of everyone else you don't get too many of your own kids! But I think I have enough!

And I love this one! Two best cousins there never were!! More like sisters!

The girls all dressed up

Oh Joey and Austin!! These two! They were really something! I mean really something! These pictures pretty much say it all! They will be best friends one day I am sure!

The whole kit and caboodle! It was a lot of kids, a lot of fun and a really long time to be away from my husband who we missed dearly!
Moral of the story....we won't be going to Utah again with out Kevin and probably not for so long!



While in Utah my mother in law recorded this video.

Jackson seriously loves stories!! He sees a book and starts going nuts! Kicking like crazy and yelling! I love it I think it is so funny!

So thanks Marj! Post from Utah soon to come!!

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