A Few Things I've Forgotten

Like how they love the toilet and toilet paper rolls. How huge a mess
they can make when they are supposed to be eating! How they love to
climb on anything and everything! Like the dishwasher, carseat, couch
and stairs! And mostly just how fun and cute they are at this age!

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam!

It's official! Girlfriend is a Sunbeam! I tried and tried to get just one "normal" picture of her all ready to go and this is what I got! What a funny little thing! She is on a roll lately.. Sunbeams, gymnastics, oh and turning British right before my very eyes! She has been watching A Lot of Charlie and Lola! And it is funny! Here are a few of my favorite quotes, she has given me lately!
"Mum, where's dad? I haven't seen him in ages!"
"Would you like to play dress up? It is my favorite and my best."
"May I please have some pink milk?"
"Its 40 100 pounds!"
There are more and I just can't think of them now. It is really really funny! And a little frightening how influenced she is by television :)


"With you, on Christ Mas"

"I want three books....oh! Wait, I need to go to bed!" I think that Christmas Eve will be the only night I ever hear Joey say those words! (girl hates to go to sleep) But not on Christmas Eve, she knew Santa was coming and she hit the hay! Kev and I decided to sleep in the couch that night, to keep watch.. Joey tends to wander at night and I really didn't want what happened on Easter to happen on Christmas too. (she woke up in the night and hunted all her eggs by herself and then came and got us)

But she didn't stir and was rewarded in the morning! Santa came and left lots of presents!

A kitchen, a cup for Jackson, a train a game.... He covered all his bases :)

Jaxy, the best gift I got this year! What a sweetie! Joey gave him a Mickey Mouse plate and sippy cup as her gift to him! Funny girl I was just glad she picked something for him, I heard a lot of I wants this month...

Eating stocking candy under the table... of course why not..

And as in all true thruths go, Jackson would have been happy with just a box, since that is what he played with most the day anyway, not the train I thought he would love so much!

There were some hits and some misses this year, but we had a great time! A little homesick, a little tired and a little broke.... It was a very Merry Christmas!!!

Winter Wonderland

So So So much snow!! We woke up Saturday and every thing had gone absolutely completely white! And freezing! In usual style we pulled out the snow clothes and the laundry basket and headed outside!

Thanks for the snow suit Eryn! It fits great! She loves it!

Unfortunately the snow was so powdery that sledding didn't really happen, the laundry basket may have had something to do with it too. But it took awhile to get it packed down enough to go down the hill.

This was Jackson's first time out in the snow, in his new coat (thanks grammy!) and of course socks on the hands and slippers on feet! He didn't make a peep once... really!

Even when we put him in the basket and sent him down the hill! He didn't smile, but didn't cry either... I'm still not sure if he liked it or hated it...

Needless to say we didn't stay out long, and the perfect remedy to the cold snow was getting snugged in mom and dads bed, drinking hot chocy and watching Frosty a Snowman!

Even Jack got some chocolate in his bottle after his milk! (Kevs idea:)

Red cheeks, full belly, snugged up. She was one happy girl! And really it was a great day for all of us! Thank goodness for Saturdays!


Say Yes To The Dress

While at the mall today Joey came running over and asked me if she
could please try on this white dress? This is the first time she ever
asked to try on anything, let alone a white dress! So I of course said
yes and we went and found the dressing room. She twirled and went and
found dad to show him how pretty her dress was! It was a small glimpse
in to the future when she tries on her real white dress. For now I
don't think I will be watching say yes to the dress while I make
dinner any more:)

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