Look Out East Coast!!

Moving out of state?? Why YES we are! Across quite a few actually...

Tuesday our pod arrived with enough time to pack it and meet it out in Virginia next Wed! Since we have been living out of suitcases for the last 10 months, we had quite the time trying to gather all our stuff to one place in order to get it all packed in this thing!

But we found it and Kev packed it all! I tell you he has a real knack for packing. I just got to sit back and relax! (doctors orders, I'm not just really lazy...well maybe:)

He filled every square inch of our pod, top to bottom wall to wall. In the end I had to hold our mattress in while he got the doors to lock it in! It was funny and weird to see all our stuff we haven't seen or forgotten we had. I can't wait till next Wed when we can actually unpack and have a place to live!!! Can you believe we haven't lived in one place for more than six months since last May! Talk about nomads! It is going to be an adjustment for all of us to have a place we can actually call home!

After a long day of moving there is nothing like playing with cousins and a few kittens. Joey just wanted to hold and hold this kitty.

Normally I would have said noway! (not a big animal lover)... but Lily was doing it.. and it was pretty cute!!

We checked out some sick bugs

And went for skateboard rides!

In the end we tried to get them to watch a movie all together but it was short lived. Joey was up five minutes later playing with toys..

as Joey would say "ni-night Lily, ni-night Logan, ni-night Megan, ni-night Todd!" Thanks for letting us use your cellar for almost a whole year and letting us play at your house!! We will certainly miss it when we are in Virgina next week! So anyone planning a trip back east you can totally stay with us! We will love to have visitors!


One Hundred and Three!!

This last week we went to my Grandads 103rd birthday! That is right! He is my dads dad and he is one amazing man! I guess you could say that his age is finally catching up with him. But up until about a year or two ago he could still mow his lawn and still have a really firm handshake!

He and my grandma were married for over seventy five years! The funny story is that they went to stop their friends from eloping and ended up being the ones to get married instead! When My grandma went home her dad told her she had made her bed and now she had to sleep in it. Which she did for 75 years!

This last one might be my favorite. My brother Jeff and my Granddad.

I guess you could say we come from pretty good genes! Thank goodness for grandparents! I love mine and you should see how much Joey loves hers!!

Since We've Been Home...

We have been enjoying many things....

1. Finding out we are having a baby boy on March 8th!

2. Having live in babysitters

3. Having my mom buy me Lucky Charms and Caffine free diet coke

4. Having my father in law call a Dr friend and getting me more anti nausea meds.. I left mine in Logan.

5. Watching Joey get to play with grandparents, cousins and cousins !dogs

Needless to say I like being at home!

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