My Kids

It is amazing how time flies by with a newborn! Jackson is almost three weeks old! I can't believe it!

Luckily I got a few shots in of the two kiddos last week! Joey was actually excited to have her picture taken! It is amazing the persuasion powers a new baby brother has on her!

I love love love this one! I think it is going to go on his birth announcement! So sweet!

She has been so good with him! She loves everything about him. And doesn't go an hour with out saying "he's so cute!" I know it will change so I am enjoying it while it lasts!

And he is too! He is such a mellow baby! A complete 180 from how Joey was. He never cries, never fusses and never has to be bounced!!! I can't tell you how different that is from when Joey was a baby! I literally bounced my butt off with that girl:)

And I am happy to say that I successfully got two kids dressed and myself and out the door this morning! A feat I have been doubtful I could do.. But we did and it wasn't even that bad! Joey is such a big helper! I love that she is getting bigger and will get his nappies and hers for me!

Needless to say I am just enjoying the time I have with them right now. It amazes me that I am a mother of two! I love it and I sure love them!!


Say Good Bye!

It finally happened! We are now binky free people! Joey has been so attached to her purple binky for the last few months! It has been a major battle for too long, she has it in all day long, on the couch, in the loft, in the car! I tell you it is a slippery slope. So the other day I took matters into my own hands and snipped the top right off! I went to give it to her and she took it, took it out, looked at it and said "what happened? Its broken!" To which I replied I know sis, I'm sorry but that is what happens when things get old. She has had it for two years! So she just sort of played with it for a while. Kept saying we needed to fix it. And today she threw it away! It was broken and she didn't want it anymore. I have to say as a mom, I think it was harder for me than it was for her! But I sure am glad I don't have to listen to her talk with it in her mouth or hear the words "I need my purple binky" again! It's broken, its gone. She is that much closer to "getting bigger just like Ethie!" Way to go Joey! And mommy! :)


"I am Iron Man"

We brought Jackson home from the hospital on Wed and went in for his check up on Friday. At his check up the dr told us that he was down almost a pound from his birth weight and he was jaundice. Big time. So we spent the weekend taking him back and forth from the hospital for bilirubin tests and on photo therapy. But I am happy to say that on Monday (my birthday!) his count had gone way down and we could stop using the "blanket"!

We went back to the dr on Tuesday and he is doing great! He has gained 8 ounces and should be back to his birth weight by next week! :)

I love his face in this one! I call it his Scotty look (my older brother) because I think it looks just like him! That or a little old man!

He has lovingly been given a few nick names, Iron Man and Blue light Special.
I am just glad he is okay, and portable again, oh and most importantly eating!!!


He's Here!!

Aaron Jackson Thueson
Arrived March 2nd at 11:30 pm
7 pounds
20 inches

Mom and Dad and Joey are thrilled!

We are home now and ready to start enjoying our little boy! Joey loves having her own best brother! And I have to say, I like it too!

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