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Finally my website is up and running!
Check it out!


Cokeville Days!

It was the annual Cokeville celebration this weekend with its usual "small town charm"
Wait did I mention Cokeville is in Wyoming with a population of about 300! Needless to say the livestock really does out number the people two to one!
But we go and have a great time, lots of laughs, lots of bugs, and lots of fun!

Kay and Win on the tire swing

My dad the cowboy at heart! Love you dad!

Look at that big Wyoming sky!

Kev and Jowin on the four wheeler. She loved it, she just put her feet up and enjoyed the ride! My girl for sure!

Winnie was acutally pretty scared of the horses. So frightened in fact she didn't even grunt at them!

And oh yeah there is a parade!

Tucker and Ethan walked away with their bags full of candy.. Not bad!
All in all I would say it was a successful trip, if you don't mention the leeches Kev and Scott got in the river! Not too sure we will float the Smithfork again next year!


Family Picture Time!

Here are some recent photos I took of my bro in law and his family! They just bought this adorable old house that has all the old doors and hardware, it is really cool! I love it!

It was so fun! His kids are hilarious, they were so much fun. I mean look at this cuties smile!

And this beautiful little girl, who recently took scissors to her hair and went to town. Luckily her mom is good at the comb over!
(love ya Meg!)

Grass fight anyone?


The Cruise In!

Okay first things first,
Look at how hot my husband is! (sorry Kev but it is totally true!)

Anyway the Cruise in, all these old classics drive up and down main street for like an hour! Kev and I have lived here for three summers and this is the first time we made it to the cruise in. Scott even came all the way from NYC! Not really, but we were glad he came. He ofcourse supplied us with way to many burgers and fries! So it was a regular party!


Well I guess I had better get started...
Here are a few of our favorite things! Fist things first, We love to pose for the Camera!

Love swimin in the pool!

Love dancing, swinging and giving great big kisses!

Life is just too much fun when you are almost one!!


Well after much poking and prodding we are here! Doesn't Winnie look happy about it?

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