The Party... The Guests... The Drama!

So we celebrated Winnies Birthday in style. We had a really fun party at the park. I of course obsessed over it for a few weeks. I made the cake, the sign, and took extra time picking out the wrapping paper and wrapping the gifts just as pretty as I could. And... Well... Win didn't actually open a single gift, would have nothing to do with her cake and would not keep her hat on for the life of me... Go figure..

But Kev, Ethan and Logan ended up having a food fight with Win's cake... And she hasn't stopped playing with her little people since! So all and all I would say it was a hit!! She was so exhausted after all was said and done she fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't even wake up when I changed her and put on her pjs! Happy birthday girl!

By the end she was out of there! She had had enough, so Jen and Ethan were nice enough to take her and swing. I think she loved that as much as she liked the party!!

Thanks so much to everyone for coming! I know it wasn't the most convenient of days, Wednesday after all but I was so glad everyone came!! Thanks!

My Baby Is One!

August 29, 2006
Then..... 7 pounds, 20 inches.... Full of Personality!

August 29, 2007
And Now!!... 20 pounds, 30 inches... And Full of Personality

Happy Birthday Winnie! One Year Old!! And So Proud!

London Baby!

Hey I forgot to mention....
We are moving to London in May of 08! So excited! Kev got an internship with Deloitte in tax. So if anyone has plans to visit Europe next summer look us up!

Home... Jet Lagged.... and Missin It!

Well we made it home! And boy has it been hard on all of us! Winnie has not slept since we have been home and neither has Kevin! So needless to say it has been a fun week!
Here are some of the 600 pictures I took! We had a major blast! Thank you Craig and Marj for the wonderful time! Win loved the beach so much and we were so happy to see grandma and grandpa! I posted pictures of Samoa this time, for you Jen. So you don't have to call our vacation Winnie in Samoa!!

Family pic on the beach in Savaii, just one because it was too cute to pass up!

And well just a few of her because come on she is a crack up! Oh did I mention it was a nudey beach? Well for Jowin it was anyway!!

Island of Savaii! We stayed right on the beach it was amazing! Win loved the water, she couldn't get enough, she would crawl out deeper and deeper in the water and would get so mad when Kev would pick her up. Guess she doesn't get the concept of drowning yet!

Samoan boats, can't spell it. Sorry!

Downtown Apia from the sea wall, this is the biggest city in Western Samoa and home to Craig and Marj for the next 9 more months.

Fire dancers... It was raining so they wouldn't let the four year old perform! It was so cool to watch!

Beautiful waterfall.... Can't remember the name and couldn't spell it if I could. Kev kept saying he felt like he was in Jarassic Park because it was so lush and beautiful!!

And last but not least all of us in front of Craig and Marj's place! Okay not really, all of us in front of the Robert Lewis Stevenson home, now museum. He is buried on the hill next to it. Gotta love Samoa!



We finally made it! We are in Samoa visiting Kevin's parents who are on a mission! We set it all up with his dad to suprize his mom and we sure did! We came walking out of the airport and she looked at us like wait a second and then burst in to tears and came and gave us hugs! It was great!
It is great here! Except I have been sick, seen mostly my bedroom, the bathroom and the side of the road where I threw up on the way to the beach!
But feeling better today and Win is doing great! Nothing can stop that girl! Here are some pic of the beach yesterday it was tons of fun Win loved the water and the sand! She would crawl out to the waves and splash in them she loved it!
We will be here for two weeks! Get home just in time to celebrate Jowin's One Year Birthday!!

Winnies first boating trip!

We had such a fun time, if you are wondering why Win is not in a life jacket or a swim suit or the water.... Simple she did nothing but freak out with the life jacket on, scream when I put her in the water and cried about being wet and messy... So she spent the whole time in her tank and diaper and was much more pleasant!! She actually had a pretty good time!

When Cousins Come to Town!

Well we like to party! Go to the Buzz game, ride a train with uncle Jeffy, drink diet coke, watch Tucker race to second base and win! Oh eat rocks and last but not least, fight with Austin!
Eryn left her youngest boy with us for a night and boy was in fun! Two babies six months apart are not easy to handle especially when they fight like cats and dogs. Neither of them can actually talk but I sure did hear a lot of screaming and biting and hair pulling.... It was a regualr party!! I guess they will learn to love each other!


We got some very exciting news this week... Kev got an offer to go work full time for Price WaterHouse Cooper in Tysons, Virginia! We are so excited aobut it! he went and interviewed a couple of weeks ago and he said he really loved it out there. So look out East coast here we come!..... Except for the offer from Deloitte in London to intern next summer. We are on the fence, I would love to live in London even if just for a few months and travel around Europe. But i would love to live back East too... Tough choice, what is a family to do?? Seriously though.. any suggestions?

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