Wicked was wicked awesome! We met our wicked awesome friends for a wicked good dinner and then rushed over for a wicked good show in a wicked cool theater! And our wicked awesome kids did wicked great! Thanks for the wicked awesome date! It was..... Wicked!
I liked it, can you tell?


A Fairy Fun Fair!

We went to the Loudoun fair today and boy did we have a good "old tyme!" Joey had a list, 1. Ride ponies 2. Get face painted 3. Play games! And she did them all! Rode ponies and donkeys, got a butterfly face paint, did a cake walk and potato sack race, hula hooped, got balloon animals and went fishing in a fishing pond!
Jacksons list was, pet the animals, pet the animals, oh and pet the animals some more!

Graduating Preschool!!?

This year flew by! And Joey loved every second of it! She made the cutest friends and had the nicest teacher and in true Joey fashion smiled through all of it! Field day of course was a fun way to celebrate and getting to say goodbye to her favorite teacher Jaclyn, whom Joey bought two lipsticks for has her going away gift and gave her three silly bands. It was such a fun year and we will definitely miss the kids, high school and preschool both!

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