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We have had quite the house full of company this last month! My mom came out at the end of Feb to be here for Jackson's birth. Lucky she was here to stay with Joey, even if it was the biggest snow storm of the season and our heater and fireplace went out! Some how she managed to stay warm and handle Joey for the few days we were at the hospital!


My dad came out a few days after Jackson was born and Jackson had his first outing! We went down town and saw some sights! The natural history and the American history, two of my favorite museums, and Joeys!

We had a great time! Thanks mom and dad! Jackson of course slept through it all! Kid loves his little bed in the stroll!


Grandma came out right after and we had quite the adventures! Broken car, hospital stay, zoo trip and...

The Kite Festival! It was really fun! Jo loved it! Until she got laid out by another kid. Both of them were too busy watching their kites to pay attention to where they were running!

Again Jackson slept through it all! Such a good little guy!

Thanks to all our visitors! Don't know what we would have done with out you!!


I'm A Big Girl Now!

The decision was made! No more nappies! I have been fighting with Joey over this for weeks! I would say lets have potty time and she would say No! I still wear nappies. I would say lets throw your nappies out and wear panties to which she would cry and hide all her nappies in her closet so I couldn't throw them away! So after much bribing.. to no avail. I decided to have the "nappy fairy" come to our house! I went in and took her nappies and replaced them with a new book, wrapped in cool wrapping paper (I wrapped one of her gifts in plain green paper and she said, mom last time it had bear wrapping paper, and didn't want to open the green one!) So the next morning I woke up to a very excited girl telling me there was a heart paper present in her closet! So I explained who it was from and said so now we are going to wear panties, she said okay and that was it! She stays dry through the night, tells me when she has to go and has had only one accident! She even used the potty in McDonalds her first day in panties! Now I just have to get over my fear of public restrooms!
My big girl! So proud!


The Big 3 0!

Happy Happy Birthday to my big sissy! Since I can't be in Disneyland/Vegas with you this weekend I thought I would post 30 of my favorite things about you on my blog! Get ready!
1. She always checks my blog! :)
2. She is the first person I call in the morning
3. I names my son after her!
4. She is coming to see me in 3 weeks!
5. No matter what she always had more fun!
6. She knows how to party!
7. She came to see me in London!
8. We rocked Paris together!
9. She is always good for a great phone conversation!
10. She has the cutest dang kids!
11. Duct Tape.... no more needs said
12. She is my number one fan, no matter what!
13. Girl knows clothes!
14. She says it like it is!
15. She has always made me want to be better.
16. She is so selfless
17. She is always team captain!
18. She waterskis better than I do! :)
19. She let me live with her in Seattle, when she was pregnant and I was working at A&F! Ha!
20. She makes the best sheet cake!
21. She has taught me everything I know about make up, clothes, and hair!...Okay she has taught me everything I know. period.
22. She is a great mom!
23. She really loves her family!
24. She knows what should come first in life!
25. She never stops trying to make me a better person!
26. She has a great relationship with her husband.
27. TRL! Oh yeah baby!
28. She was one cute baby! And one beautiful adult!
29. She has a plan and sticks to it!
30. She will never know how much I really love and appreciate her!

Happy Birthday Er Doo! I love you!


48 Hours

Jackson woke up Tuesday night at about 4 am with a fever. He has had a cold the last little while so I wasn't that surprised by a fever. Joey usually runs one when she gets a cold too. The major difference is I didn't think he was getting enough air, and was worried he had RSV. So I took him to the Doctor Wed afternoon. When we got there she told me I had to take him to the hospital and have the full work up done on him. Any fever in a newborn under sixty days they admit and treat for 48 hours! It was crazy hard watching them poke and prod my baby. They ran an IV, a catheter and even did a spinal tap to test for meningitis. Apparently any viral infection can turn in to a bacterial infection and get into the spinal fluid and turn in to meningitis.

I wasn't going to take pictures, I was way to upset but my mother in law said I would want to show him some day. So for the sake of journaling, here are some pictures.

Poor guy was so pumped full of fluids by the time we checked out on Friday he was so swollen he could barely open his eyes. But he did great and every test came back negative! We are home all is well. And I am very thankful!

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