My Boys

There is a serious bond between these two. Maybe it's because they look so much alike. Or maybe it's because they spend hours together in the nursery on Sunday. Or maybe it's just because he thinks his dad is the coolest guy ever. Either way, I love it!


Father & sons campout

The highlight of the trip was Saturday morning about 30 minutes after
I'd gotten up and l unzipped the tent to see if Jackson was still
asleep to find that he'd climbed out of the pack n' play and was
sitting on my bed watching Thomas on my phone. He just looked at me,
pointed to the pack n' play and said 'out'

Father & sons campout....guess what Jackson wanted to do the whole time...


Girls Night Out!

It was the annual father sons camping trip this week so Joey and I had a girls night out with our girlfriends! And of course it wouldn't be a girls night with out a big hurray, like piercing ears!!! Joey asked I said yes, and than a few minutes before I tried to talk her out of it! But to no avail, and so my beautiful daughter has holes in her ears and blue flower daisys to show off!

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