A Christmas Eve Tradition

Ice Skating! The kids loved it! By the end Joey did not want to hold anyones hands and Jackson didn't want to stop!


That's a Big

Merry Christmas to you!



Like cool or spiritual, you can decide... Either way he is just dang cute!


Sisters in Chicago!

Some on turned 40! So we met in the middle! Now I have heard of the magnificent mile, and it is no lie! We shopped, ate and shopped some more! All I can say is cold in Chicago!! Uggs anyone?? Love ya sisters!


Four Score....

We went for a drive up to Gettysburg this Thanksgiving week and nothing puts life in perspective like looking at a battle field where more American life was lost than any other in the civil war. Jackson slept and Joey posed and keV and I kept thinking we needed to look things up on wiki or get more civil war books. Needless to say it was worth the visit and nice to spend time as a family. Which is what I am most grateful for in my life.


She can't help it

We are standing in line to see Santa and Joey iasi excited she can barely control her self! So she dances and twirls she jumps, she makes funny faces. When we finally get to Santa to sit down she is so shy and burying her face in my coat she barely gets the word violin out! This girl...



We headed out on an adventure to the children's museum in Winchester. It turned out super fun, small not crowded, and we didn't have to clean it all up after! Joey loved play Doctor, maybe her future calling and Jackson loved driving the trucks and digging in the dirt, not sure if that is his future calling:) Either way it was fun! Thanks to the Bennions for playing and letting us hitch a ride!


Mt Vernon

Uncle Todd came out for a visit! So we headed to see the sights! We love when he come because than we have an excuse to be tourists:) we had a beautiful day and I have to say Mt Vernon is up on my list of favorite DC sights! The General was quite an amazing man, an I'm not surprised he was chosen to be the first president of our nation. It was really cool. Oh and it helped that the kids we so well behaved and happy!


School Bus!

Joey rode her first school bus last week! We went on a field trip to Pumpkinville, which Joey kept calling Cokeville! Pretty funny. Anyway she was super excited to go and ride the bus, of course she and Ethan had to sit on the very back row and play "I'm thinking of an animal." and the best part is there were two high school students to each kid so us moms just got to hang out! That must be what is is like to have a nanny:)
Sorry about the blur, bus rides are bumpy!

While Sis is Away.... The Boy will Play!

I have to say Jack is lovin some alone time with mom! He is such a funny guy! As long as you can understand Tuh and hah, you will get along just fine. Oh and a good growl, he loves to growl!


We Tricked, We Treated!

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf made it to Halloween in style this year! What can I say besides, staying out late, dressing up and getting free candy?

Yeah, they LOVED it!


Family Photo Time:)

Have to say best shoot we have ever had! Hands down! Go team Thueson!!


Today was Joey first day at Broadrun High preschool...... Oh to be a fly on the wall!!


Crazy Cousins!

We have been home a week now and we are all going through withdrawals from not having our best friends there with us at all times! We had a blast at the Howey house! Can't wait to go back... Or move back:)


Getting Bigger!

This guy is 18 months!
Oh yeah nursery!

Oh and man is he funny! Most days I just sit back and watch this guy crack me up! His favorite words are actually grunts but what they mean is, This? Now! or heard as Ah? Huh!

He is super in to trains, still loves books and his sisters dolls! He can't get enough of playing with any ball he sees and yep is obsessed with dogs, horses and dinosaurs!

With Jackson I look at him and think are you so big already? Where did the time go? And how can I make it slow down. I love all the new discoveries you make everyday and how cool you think your big sister is! You are the biggest Daddys boy EVER! (and he loves it) You can totally rock a Euro Mullet and you are one handsome dude! And yes, your mom loves you more than life itself!

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