Making Me Happy

These two! They crack me up!


Through Air and Space!

It was Kevs first weekend off in a LONG time so we decided to go to the Air and Space Museum and I'm glad we did,it was SO cool! The place it huge and the kids loved it!

They have planes from all over and different times. German, Japanese, really really really old, and really new. It was so interesting.

I kept waiting for this "guy" to transform... but he didn't he just stayed the same:)

Dad is easily the favorite of both the kids! They just can't get enough of him when he is around! We are all looking forward to April!

Oh and it just so happens, my brother in law designed this ROCKET! How cool is that? I told Joey and she got all excited to tell Ethan that she saw his dads rocket! It was pretty cool. Not too many people have dads who make stuff that fly into space!

It was a pretty sweet day! We even got free burritos at Moes! Now that is what I call a successful Saturday!


PHILI 1 2 3

Kev had work in Phili so we tagged along for the ride, the food and the hotel stay! I tell you business travel is pretty sweet:) We saw a few sites, not to many with two little ones in tow but enough for next time we watch National Treasure! Thanks PWC it was a sweet trip!


What can I say?

It's hard to think of something adequate to say about a woman who has had such an amazing impact on my life. Not that I would consider myself as ever being lost, but it wasn't until I found her that I really found out who I am and what life is really supposed to be about. If I rack my brain I can't come up with any accomplishments or acts on my part that qualify me to be as lucky as I have been these last 1,737 days since I was sealed to Jill for time and all eternity. Not everyday has been great and somedays I wish I didn't ever have to wake up, but the reality is that none of that has to do with Jill, it's all me. When I step back and look at the amazing life she has created for me and the most beautiful children a father could dream of (most days anway), I realize that there's just nothing else the world has to offer that is better than what I already have.

I love you Jill, and today of all days is one that I cherish above all others. Happy birthday, I hope to someday make you realize how glad I am that you were born and somehow landed in my life. I'm sorry you weren't as lucky as I was, but at least you have the kids to make up for when I fall short.



Good Morning!
Jackson just after waking up on his first birthday! He was a bit ornery until he got his books, than he was happy as could be!

His favorite books right now are, Animal Time, Brown Bear, Are you my teddy?, and Noisy Farm... If you try to read him something else, forget it, he throws it on the floor.

What We Did!

We were staying the weekend in Philadelphia, Kev had work so we went out to breakfast than headed to the Please Touch Museum.

Jackson drove a car,

Rode a horse,

Went to the moon in a rocket ship,

And crewed a sail boat.

Jax enjoyed it, mostly just watched Joey be in heaven, it wasn't his turn until the gift shop when he found a 4ft Elmo! Than he was happy.


We went to dinner, than headed back to the hotel to open his gifts!

Not too excited......Until....

until he opened his ELMO! His sis was very sweet and opened the rest for him!

What a face! I couldn't resist!

I am not really sure why Jacksy loves Elmo quite as much as he does, but he does! He loves to watch Sesame Street and listen to all the monsters, it is so funny to me. Well really Jackson is just funny to me.


We came home, and Joey insisted his birthday wasn't over until we had cake, (yes she loves birthdays as much as her mom:) So of course I whipped out this lovely Elmo cake! I thought it turned out great!

And so did Jackson! Look at that face! ha!

Unprovoked picture but I'm glad he did it! See it is his 1st birthday!

And you know, I think he loved it!

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