Friends and Fireworks

We watched the fire works in style, major glowsticks and awesome friends! We are so lucky to live in the country we do and the place that we do! I am reminded of a song, "born in the USA I was born in the USA!"

Let Freedom Ring

The leesburg parade is a hit every year, except one thing, where are all the horses? But for what they lack in animals they make up for in fire trucks! Happy Fourth of July!

Mama Mia

My my how can I resist ya!

Buzz buzz busy bees!

We made our first trip up to Hershey park this summer! Let me tell you it was so fun! Jo rode her first roller coaster! She insisted on riding it first thing so sherri and I took her and Ethan on the biggest one they could ride! She was terrified! But she bounced back quick and was ready for more! She and Ethan rode one together and didn't want to get off! Jackson had a blast! He rode the train more times than dad could count and loved the truck ride! The best photo of the day is jack on the bee ride! That face says it all! Other than that ride it was a blast! Thanks Andersons! And next time, let's do it with out loosing the keys:)

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