"Me and My Girl...

We got this relationship!"

I have been wanting to get pics of me and Joey for a while now, not like I don't already have a billion but these will be the last before the baby comes on Monday and rocks our world!

If you know me at all you know I am a little more than pre occupied with Joey! So much so that I haven't really even thought about the baby! Sad but true! But now that he is coming so soon I am starting to realize that we are going to be okay! I can't wait for Joey to have a brother! and neither can she! Everyday she comes up with something new of hers that she is going to share with baby Jackson! I know she is going to be a great big sister! Lets just hope I can learn to be a great mom to two!

I love you Joey! You will always be my favorite girl!


Our Next American Idol!

OH this girl! Ever since she was tiny she has loved songs. I mean loved songs! It was and still is the only way to get her to calm down at night or when she is anxious or in a bad mood, I have to sing! Now for anyone who has actually heard me sing it isn't pretty but it has always helped Joey so I of course do it. And now she has taken to singing to herself! I got a whole bunch on video, she goes through a list of ABC's, Twinkle, Her own made up Baby Jackson song, I am a Child of God, Frosty a Snowman and Someday My Prince Will Come! from Snow white.
Today I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and I went through the list, A doctor? No. A dolphin trainer? No. A mommy? No. A photographer? No. An accountant? No. Finally I asked A singer? Yes!!! So Rebecca looks like someone will be getting voice lessons some day!


Eat Your Heart Out!

Kev and I have a few Valentines Day traditions, some can't be mentioned on the blog (wink wink) but some can! Like the fact that I always make heart shaped pizza and ever since Kev was little he has had heart shaped rice crispies which I have taken to as well. So this year I decided to really go all out! Heart shaped everything, cookies, jello, pizza, mini pizza, rice crispies, even heart shaped ice cubes!

I decided to share the fun with a few friends! Joey was so excited to have her friends come to her party! We made heart shaped place mats and a bean toss for the kids! The parents just hung out and ate and talked.

I made everyone pose for a group picture! Not my usual thing but neither is having a party in the first place so I wanted to document it! Thanks to everyone who came! We had a blast! And a special thanks to my mother in law for providing all the heart shaped cookware that made the party possible! I have to say it turned out pretty good especially for being nine months pregnant! :)

20 minutes of quiet..

And this is what you come down to! While enjoying a nice evening at our friends house the kids went down stairs to play and the parents stayed upstairs talking. We could hear them laughing and squealing but figured no crying no need.... Well after about twenty minutes Danny went down to check on them and all we hear is "uh Sarah?" We figured it had to be bad and headed for the stairs... This is what we found!

All three kids having a blast pulling all the stuffing out of the couch cushions! I about died! Joey was lucky Kev wasn't there because I can't imagine how he would have reacted.

Being the awesome people that they are our friends just laughed it off and we cleaned it up in no time. Not with out of few pics and some strong words that this is never to happen again!

I have to say Yes we have been invited back and Yes it is pretty much Joeys favorite place to play! She honestly loves these two so much! Everytime she sees Sam he receives a big hug and kiss! It is cute for now, we may have to talk about it in a few years! :)

photos courtesy of Sarah

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