Roughin It!

Kev and I really wanted to go camping for Memorial Day weekend! But camping here in VA isn't the same as camping in UT. So after much talk we decided not to for go the 3 hour car ride and the crowded campsite and go in our friends backyard! We decided to call it a trial run for when we really do go!

It was really fun! Joey and Sydney had a blast! The whole tent thing was so exciting for them! And of course Jackson and Brooklyn just hung out in their bouncy seats watching it all go down!

As it started to get dark Joey was so tired but it took a while for her to wind down enough to fall asleep. Of course it also could have been the sugar rush from the smores we had, hot out of the oven!

Of course we really missed the camp fire and instead the girls played with one the apps on Kevs iphone!

And yes by morning we were all squished on the air mattress! But all in all I would call it a successful trial run!

Saturday the pool opened! I thought Jo might have some reservations about the freezing cold water, but I was wrong! She jumped right in and had a blast!

Jackson of course the little trooper! I mean come on how cute is he! He slept the whole time!

Sydney came too which made it that much more fun for Jo and for me, so I had an excuse to stay out of the cold water with her!

But I am happy to report we have been back several times and I have gotten in and swam with Joey everytime.. I must really love her because I really don't like cold water!
Thanks Bunkers we had an awesome time!!


Photo Op

The last few weeks have been really rainy here in VA. So with a visit from grammy our umbrella count went up by two! Joey was a little obsessed with them. Oddly enough it hasn't rained since! :) But they turned out cute to take some pictures with!

By the time Kev got home from work Joey was done with the camera. But I was determined to have a few family pictures. These are the few! (and my blog header, which I love!)


Our Day..

Need I say more?


Good Friends and Good Weather!

This morning we headed out to Frying pan park to have a look at the animals!

It had a little something for everyone! Animals for Jo, ice cream for me and sunshine for Jackson!

It was really fun because Joey was in a great mood! She loved loved loved the sheep!

She made special friends with this guy who ate the flowers right out of her hand!

And of course what would a day on the farm be with out a political rally with Bill Clinton as a special guest! Yep he was there! Now of course I didn't get to see him, he was an hour late and I had motherly duties to attend to, but Brian and April saw the old man himself.. and that is what they said he looked like, old!
All in all I'd say it was a fun day on the farm!


To Kev

Four years ago today at this exact time you and I were saying our "I dos" or "yes's" I guess. We would have been saying it a half hour earlier but some one left her recommend in Seattle so we had to wait and get that resolved! So while what I can only imagine was total pandemonium going on downstairs, We were hanging out in the celestial room, just waiting to be sealed for time and all eternity! It was such a great day! It rained of course and they asked you to take off your bracelets before we went in. We filled up on cheeseburgers before the dinner, thank you Scott! And when I stood up and thanked everyone for coming I completely forgot to tell you how much I loved you! Needless to say so much has happened sine than, we have seen a little more of the world and a lot more of each other! We have had two amazing additions to our family and finally found a place to call home! I love you more today than I did four years ago! Thanks for making our lives amazing together!


What a blessing!

We blessed Jackson in church on Sunday. And when I say we I mean Kev gave him the actually blessing.. but it was a team effort! :)

My mom made his adorable outfit!

Heavenly Father made it pour rain!

And we had so many visitors come!

My mom and dad. Eryn and Coley from Seattle. Scott from New York. And a surprise appearance from Craig and Marj! Not to mention all the friends who came over after for lunch. Honestly our apartment was bursting at the seams! But it was great to feel every ones love and support and love for our little guy! He really is such a blessing and we are so thankful for him!

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