The Slog for Thanksgiving!

So for Thanksgiving we went to Seattle and Portland! Kev and I have been talking about it for a while. His sister Lanie lives in Portland and my sister Eryn just moved back to Seattle. So I was a little more than excited when Kev looked up one day and said how about we go to Seattle this weekend and Portland on Wedensday? Needless to say I jumped all over it. But I had to ask why would Kev have changed his mind about going? Well... The Chicago Bears were playing the Seahawks! So we loaded up our back and got Win a pack of 1000 stickers and fruit snacks and we were on our way!

The fam on the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

me and Tucker on the ferry! When Trav was in Dental school I went and lived with Eryn for a few months. Tucker was two and he was my man! It was the most fun I have ever had living in Seattle! I loved it! I think Tucker is my only roommate I never fought with!!

The woodland park zoo! Best Zoo ever! and Wins first time to a Zoo. She loved it! Grunted all her grunts at all the animals!

even when we got attacked by this lioness! It was awesome!

And ofcourse the Troll!! Don't worry that is a real Volkswagon bug under his hand! So Seattle!

And after a few shopping trips it was on to Portland! The drive is only supposed to take three hours, but for some reason the traffic is always so bad that it takes hours and hours to get there, hence the slog...Anyway I have never been to Portland and it is such a cool city! Of course I didn't take pictures of anything! Dumb me! Anyway Lanie made a delicious Thanksgiving Feast! It was so fun! Win LOVED her two girl cousins, everything is pink! She was in heaven!

It was a riot Abby(5) would put ALL the necklaces and bracelets and rings they owned on Win and she would come running out of the room to show us! It was so funny!

family picture time! I thought this one of the girls was so cute! They are best friends and Emma does everything Abby does! Sisters, gotta love em!

Thanks to our sisters for having us! We had a blast!


My Mom.... and... Me!

The other day I made my mom let me take pictures of her and myself for my series.... It is funny I have been doing photography for so many years and she has always been my biggest supporter but I have never acutally photographed her. I am so glad I did it! I love my mom! She is really one of my best friends and I love the relationship we have with each other! I really don't know what I would do with out her! Heck I even named my daughter after her, if that isn't love I don't know what is!
I love my mom and I love these pics.... So thanks for posing mom! Your the best!


Gotta Love Girlfriends!

So my good friend Jordan was in town from Ohio and I am so glad I got to see her. Jordan is the girl that I always had the most fun with when she would come in to town from Montana. We did some crazy stuff in our day.... But Jordy will alway be known best for her classic line such as, "when I grow up I want to live somewhere exciting, like Wyoming!!" I still laugh when I think about it. Well now we are "grown up" and both have little girls of our own. Crazy but true. So I couldn't pass up on taking some pictures of her and her girl. Jordan has always been one of my dearest friends, more like a sister than just a friend and boy do I love her! So here are some pics, and Jordy babe, you are BEAUTIFUL!!


Happy...... Halloween!!

I have to say that Winnie's 2nd Halloween was so fun! She was just the cutest little bunny on the block! We went to Jens for trick or treating, pumpkin carving, and halloween games!

It was great and Win loved to trick or treat she just sat in the stroller and ate her candy just as happy as can be!

We had it all in our party... Darth Vador, Anakin Skywalker, Genreal Grevious, The Emperor, a monkey, a skeleton and a bunny! We were quite the site! Even Ty and Kev came dressed up. Kev came a Travis and Ty came as a monkey's uncle! Oh and I was a magician to go with my little white bunny!

Happy Haloween! Thanks Jen, Eryn, Mom and Kev we had a blast!!

Corn, Corn and More Corn Adventures!

It was Jen's birthday on the 30th so we went down to celebrate in style... At a corn maze! It was so fun! They had huge slides a pumpkin bounce around and a box of corn! It was so fun! Eryn and her kids stopped in on their move to Seattle and my good friend Jordan was in town from Ohio.

So we partied it up right! Win had so much fun with her cousins and her friend Adalynn! The funniest thing was when we were walling through the corn maze Win and Austin decided they wanted to hold hands so Aussie led her through for a little while.

It was so fun! Happy Birthday Jen! We sure do love you!!

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