Assa What?

Assateague Island State Park that is what! Oh yeah! It was so fun! We wanted to go to the beach for Kev's birthday but I could not find a hotel room for the life of we camped instead! Which was great because you are right on the beach and there are no crowds!

No real surprise, Joey LOVED the water!

Kev took her out really far and I could just hear her laughing and laughing! When they came back in she told me "the big waves were making me laugh!" and she was right they were!

Playing in the sand! So excited! Last time we went to the beach she was 10 months and ate it! Not eating this time, just building sand castles!

Jackson of course had a good old time! It was so bright he couldn't open his eyes! But he could still smile!

I was so glad we brought an umbrella, Kev and I both got fried but the kids didn't and that is all that matters.

This is what Jaxy did most of the time! Slept! Thanks again for the swing bunkers and riches :)

Oh and there were horses! they just come in your camp check things out. No big deal. It was really strange, but it is a state park. I thought it was cool, you can tell from the picture. Until the next morning when I almost stepped in their poop. That was a real downside!

The kids did great! Jo even asked to go to bed! That never happens! It was nice and windy the second night and pretty hard to sleep so we broke camp pretty early.

The birthday boy himself! Happy birthday Kev! Back to your roots. Kevin's first like four birthdays we spent on the beach! So I figured we should keep up the tradition! So happy birthday! I love you! I miss you!

The end.

A Not Long Enough Weekend....

Harpers Ferry

On Friday before the 4th Kev actually had the day off!!! So we decided to hit the road, and ended up in West Virginia!!! In Harpers Ferry. The whole town is built on a "mountainside" (I miss the real mountains :) It is really pretty and the weather was great so we really enjoyed being there! It has been a while since we got out and explored!

Surprising, I got my family to pose for a few pictures!

The town is full of original buildings and of course re enactors. A bridge you can walk across over the shenandoah and have an up close and personal look at the river rafters. (we are planning on doing that one weekend.)

The trains were pretty loud and Joey was a little scared of them. She really doesn't like loud noises, trains, motorcycles..good thing daddy was there to "keep her safe" as she always tells us to do.

She may be afraid of trains but not of jumping off seven foot cliffs! She kept asking if she could go higher. We couldn't refuse her, look at her form!

And of course Jacksy enjoyed the day in style! The boy is so smiley and so fun! He just hung out, slept and smiled! Sounds like my kind of day!


Celebrate Good Times! Come On!!

Leesburg Parade!
Nothing like a good old fashioned parade to get you in the spirit of the 4th!

We all enjoyed it! We were right in the sun so Jackson got to watch the people not the parade!

Crabfest 2009!

Than we headed over to Takemoto's for dinner!!! And I mean dinner!

Being a native Utahn I had never cracked crab before! It was so gross! But so fun!! There were so many crabs and Lobster!!! It was crazy! We had a blast. Joey kept saying "and I like crab too!" even though she didn't try it! But I thought it was delicious!...well not so great coming back up! But you don't need to hear about that!

We finished the night with Ashburns fireworks show! I love fireworks!

And so did the kids! we were a little worried they would be scared, but nope they all really liked them! Even Jacks!

Thanks Rebbecca and Curtis! We love celebrating major and not major holidays with you!!
Happy 4th of July!! and Happy Birthday to you America!

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