Portrait Time!

I love love love love love love these two!!

Apple Pickin!

What do we do when the pool closes? Go apple picking with good friends!

May I have this Dance, My Lady

Where is a place where kids can run, learn, play and interact with history? Oh its Willamsburg! And it was tons of fun! Thank you American girl for bringing the revolution to life before my kids very eyes and thank you to my awesome sister for hopping a plane with four kids, driving five hours and listening to a constant stream of Taylor Swift! Love it!

Howdy Howdy Howeys!!

It was a very hot August day, six kids, two moms and LOTS of history and LOTS of fun! It started at the Air and Space museum, having a break and huge water fight at the Washington monument. A jaunt to the WWII memorial, saying hi to Honest Abe and a security breach at the White house! You know what they say when the cool kids come to town, We will have a serious party!!

Happy Birthday Old Man!

Once again it was beach weekend! Word got out that this is the place to go in the summer because we almost didn't get to go! The kids loved the water! Loved the sun! Loved the sand! And loved the giant marshmallows! Most of all we just love being together as a family! Especially when it is to celebrate our number 1 dad! Love ya Kev!

Go Joey! Go Joey!

We had an amazing summer and one huge factor was Joeys swim team! She was an awesome little swimmer! She was the youngest on the team by a LONG shot and still took first for the whole team in breast stroke! She won almost all her races and had a huge smile doing it! A lot of this had to do with her cute coaches and her bff mermaid Abi! Go little Squirts!!

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