Small Fish in an even Bigger Pond

Well we are here! Safe and sound!
Here is a recap of how it went!
First we went to NYC and stayed with by brother Scotty for a few days. Kev and I had both been to New York before so we didn't really do to much touristy stuff. The coolest thing we did I don't have pictures of, which I still want to cry over, but we went out on Scott's motor boat at night and took a tour of the harbour. We rode over to the Statue of Liberty and saw it all light up at night, gorgeous! Then we went under the Brooklyn Bridge and up by the United Nations! It was so cool!

Anyway here we are at the SLC airport getting ready to leave. I am blocking most of our luggage, six backs in total stuffed full! which was quite ridiculous looking when you unload it all on a Manhattan sidewalk!

JoJo was great the whole flight she just watched Elmo on Kev's PSP and then the second we landed, this happened! She fell asleep on the floor sitting up. This was taken after we moved her to laying down! It was so funny!

What we did do in the Big Apple..
Central Park Zoo! REally fun!
With a really cool polar bear exhibit. (they are Kevs favorite!)

One of the many playgrounds in the park! Completely empty and perfect for us!

Underdog is always a favorite!

We seriously walked in circles in this place! The park is huge but really cool because you are in the city but don't really feel like you are in the city..

Thanks for the Webkin Ethan!!! She loves it! Carries it all over now!

Since we were so close and Joey was asleep in her stroller we went to the MET. We had both been before but I really wanted to see the photography section that I missed last time. So we got in and paid headed up and of course the exhibit was closed! I guess I will have to wait for Stieglitz a little longer!

Joey in front of Pablo Picasso, she really enjoyed the museum. especially the cafeteria and the modern art!

Grand Central Station. I had never been but seen all the famous photos of it. So we got some lunch and snapped some pics.

And visited the UN, another place I had not been to in Ny. Not much to see but good to go to. We need to be PC now that we are the immigrants!

And a short cab ride later we made it to JFK and got our bags checked. Only one came in over 50 pounds, pretty good considering they all were over weight when we left SLC!

The view from our flight over the Atlantic. That is two oceans we have crossed now! (not too shabby for a one year old!)
The flight was fine, we made a bed for JoJo on the floor and she slept most of the flight!

I would be lying if I said the Jet Lag hasn't gotten to us! It has big time. Poor Joey was such awesome sleeper back in the states but has yet to sleep through the night here. Hopefully we will all adjust to being 7 hours ahead of our usual time!

The first site we saw........
St. Paul's Cathedral
It is honestly a five minute walk down the street from us, if you go down the right streets that is! And it is amazing! We went inside and they were having mass. Interesting since it was our first. You can take a tour of the crypt and the nave which I think we will do. Christopher Wren (architect) it buried there, I read that on his tomb this is written, "if you require a memorial, look about you." (not a bad way to be remembered!)

And for the main event, USA vs ENGLAND soccer game! Which Kev attended! Don't worry he sat in the US section and the lost so hopefully there weren't too many fights. Although they has A LOT of riot police there!

Jowin and I took the tube up with him to Wembley (that is where the stadium is) and we went to Ikea, which as it turns out is great in the states but not worth the twenty minute walk here. and the 70 pence credit card fee and the 30 pence bag purchase so I could carry my items back on the tube and back home was not my cup of tea!

So that is about it for now, Kev had his first day of work this morning and Joey is finally take a nap in her cot aka crib!
Other than not being able to find a real supermarket and not sleeping at night, it is great! We live in a cool area, I read it is up and coming with architects and photographers! We are technically in "The City" which is the financial district of London. We haven't been over to the river or to Buckingham Palace, but you can see the London Eye from our balcony so that is cool! And we (Joey and I) are going to Oxford Street with Emily tomorrow! All in all..... All is pretty awesome!!


Soon To Be Homesick!

Well we have had quite the busy time trying to pack a summers worth of adventure in to a few weekends! First it was mothers day and our anniversary so what did my loving husband give me? A point shoot camera! I guess I did it backwards most people start out small and go big. I have gone big and now have small and I must say I am enjoying it!

The first thing on our list was to go see Grandpa Thuesons horses! Jowin really loves animals, both great and small! She can't drive by a cow with out mooing and she can't walk past a bug with out shouting "a bug!" and getting down to inspect it!

What a cheeser she is! It cracks me up every time!

Feeding and petting Grandpas horse Magnafire! He is beautiful! This is one of the 8 horses grandpa has for us to ride! She wasn't quite ready to ride him this time. But next time she will be!

After seeing one grandpas horse, we went to see her other grandpas horse!

We hit up Cokeville Wyoming on Saturday with my big brother Ty! My parents have a ranch there and we took some our stuff up to the cabin to store. Just as I predicted Joey LOVED it! What with a river, a dog and a horse what more could she ask for.....

Jowin loves dogs and K9 was really good with her!

Oh yeah, her first driving lesson! You'll have to excuse my talking, I am new at this whole point shoot video feature. (it rocks!)

Than it was off to Gateway, for a wet and wild night with our good friends the Youngs!
I guess it was finally hot enough for her to venture into the fountain and needless to say she loved it! She was just soaking wet and her little trousers were totally see through! But it was a good time and they dried fast!

Little Kyler getting fresh! He is three and such a cute kid! he has known Jowin since birth and no this isn't their first kiss, but I think it might be their last!!

Like mama like daughter, we know how to party! And don't mind dancing in public!

So I guess my next post will be from LOndon! Since we leave tomorrow! I can't believe it is finally here!



Happy Happy Happy Anniversary! Can you believe it has been three years since Kev and I tied the knot! We have had so much happen it is hard to believe it all started over 4 years ago up at Utah State. It was the first week of school so there were a lot of activities going on and I was making the rounds at all of them when at one I saw this guy sitting up against the wall just sort of observing the madness and I thought "Oh wow who is that?!" After a few more sightings we were introduced at a party, very briefly, Kev didn't stay long, but his friends did. So after a few days of hanging out with his friends, waiting and hoping to see him, I did. Up at the patio at school he came walking by and before I knew it I was yelling his name and telling him to come over! The funny thing is is I don't even think he remembered my name, but he played along and was a good sport. After a few more days of hanging out at the patio he took my phone and put his number in it. So when I got up to leave for class I had a text from Kev! I didn't listen to a thing in my class just texted the whole time. (sorry dad for the phone bill!) We arranged to meet up after my class and go up to a bbq. Which we did and where Kevin ditched me to go hang out with another girl he had made plans with! Needless to say I about died! But a few days after that he finally got with the program and after a few more hang outs he finally asked me out on a date! We went to Bluebird resturant and it was terrible than we were going to go to a movie but in Logan you have to pay cash at the theater and Kev didn't have it and by the time we hit the atm and went back it had already started! Not exactly a dream date but I was on cloud nine just being with him!

So a month after that we were in LOVE! although I think I fell much sooner!
Three months after that were were engaged!

and Five months after that were were married! It rained so hard on our wedding day that we got stuck on the temple steps waiting for umbrellas!

than of course there are the cheeseburgers we ate before our dinner.

Than of course my almost passing out at dinner and my mom having to loosen my dress so I could breath! Our first dance to Neil Diamond! and our exit in our matching sweat suits!

It was the perfect day! and I have to say I still think Kevin is the most handsome man I have ever seen! And I love being married to him! I love thinking about those days we were dating. Like when he told me he liked me more than juji fruits and that he really likes Juji fruits!!
Thanks Kev! Thanks for all the loves and all the laughs! And thanks for taking me to Europe like you promised you would!!!

My Little Girl?

Is it just me or is Jowin growing up way to fast? I guess I am not helping matters by round brushing her hair at the ripe old age of 20 months. But really it looks too cute not to right?

{click to enlarge}

We took these last Saturday so Kev was home and making her laugh and stick her tongue out and touch her nose and sing happy and you know it! It was cute!


My MOM 6.0!

SURPRISE! There ain't no party like a Frisby Surprise party! So back in March Eryn starting thinking this was a big Birthday year for my mom, 29 again... or 60 which she will get really mad that I used her actual age! Sorry mom. Anyway after many conference calls and so many emails we got the party planned and surprised my mom good!

We had ALMOST all the siblings there, except for my oldest sister Mindy whom we missed, but had her two handsome boys there instead! There are 9 of us in case you are wondering!

The waiter offered to take the pictures and I was like no thanks I have a remote, but everyone gave me a hard time so I ended up giving in, against my better judgment too. So this is what came out.... I've had better...

Waiting to get the party started, we had a private room for our 5 course meal. and I made a slide show.

My handsome nephews, now 19 and 17! Still not used to that! They flew up from AZ for the big event.

Bindley thought Ty was a crack up! She has to be the happiest baby I have ever seen. She laughs so loud for someone so small. It was adorable. Dawnelle flew in from WI for the party!

It was an awesome week, even though Eryn ended up missing her 6:20am flight the next morning it was well worth the time and the travel prep. It was so fun to get together with my family, the last time we were all together was for my wedding so it has been a while! I love them and I love my mom and hope she had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!! She deserves it!


Look at HIM!

I found these pictures on my hard drive and thought they were so cute!
Look at Kev, could he be any cuter!! Joey looks so much like him I think! I love it!

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