Getting Bigger!

This guy is 18 months!
Oh yeah nursery!

Oh and man is he funny! Most days I just sit back and watch this guy crack me up! His favorite words are actually grunts but what they mean is, This? Now! or heard as Ah? Huh!

He is super in to trains, still loves books and his sisters dolls! He can't get enough of playing with any ball he sees and yep is obsessed with dogs, horses and dinosaurs!

With Jackson I look at him and think are you so big already? Where did the time go? And how can I make it slow down. I love all the new discoveries you make everyday and how cool you think your big sister is! You are the biggest Daddys boy EVER! (and he loves it) You can totally rock a Euro Mullet and you are one handsome dude! And yes, your mom loves you more than life itself!

Growing Up... too fast?

In case you haven't heard, Joey is Four. She tells everyone she sees, and knows and not just once but a few times. And of course I can't laugh at this or I get yelled at and have a very upset, sensitive four year old.

Turning four has brought on a whole new world for Joey. She is starting preschool and doing tennis! She is constantly being told how big she is that sometimes I forget, she is only four.

On the night of her birthday she was way too excited to sleep so I decided to lay down with her until she fell asleep and than went down and finished getting things ready for her party. But as I was laying in bed I thought I just couldn't let her turn four with out me being there! So I went back up and slept the night in her bed. All I could think about was how long it took for her to come in to this world, 23 hours and 3 hours of actually getting her here. And how worth it it all was. Jowin is amazing! She is so funny and so happy. So creative and so caring. She is best friends with her brother and is always trying to help around the house. She is the center of every party and can't stand to miss out on anything, even mom and dad watching tv. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and how she is going to get it, and she has been like that her whole life.

So sometimes I think, wow she is four! And sometime I think my gosh she is only four! But either way she is Joey through and through and hope she always has her spirit and will and keeps going at life as hard as she can. She is one special girl and even if at times, I'm not sure how to raise her, I know she was sent to me for a reason and I am lucky to have her!



The Store!

The Dolls!

The Love!

The Clothes!

The Zoo!

The Map!


The Boat!

The Speed!

The Skyline!

The Sights!

The Look!

The Fam!

The Guy!

The Gal!

The Park!

The Parents!

The Kids!

The End!


Proud Mama!

There comes a time in every moms life when she has to stop an think, oh I am a proud mama! That moment happened to me today when Joey begged to take some photos with my camera! I secured it around her neck and let her go! Boy was I proud, she is so darn cute!!

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