Ms. Jowin Thueson
Second Bedroom
Little Bed
Ashubrn Virginia

We have been having such a fun summer! Thanks for all your help with your baby brother and being so much fun to go to the pool with. And for being so good about taking naps!

It is my favorite time of day, after you have had a nice long nap and I hear your little shuffle of your feet and your loud raspy voice, it never fails to make me laugh! Even though you usually wake up yelling at me because I forgot to do something, I still think you are funny!

We finally found a bed that you would sleep in, one that is just your size! We still fight about what blanket to put on it, but it is coming a long! You still have your binky, but you say you are just borrowing Jacksons! I am glad he is sharing with you, you are so much sweeter with it!

Joey I love! I love that you always want me to warm up winnie because her legs are just a tiny, little bit not warm! You are such a joy to me and you never cease to amaze me every day! Keep growing up big and strong and sweet and smart!
I love you!



Dear Jackson

I really don't know what I did to deserve you! You are so sweet and easy going! I love the way you smile when you hear my voice. And go crazy when you hear your sissy coming!I love your smile and cute dimples! I love to hear you laugh and watch how fast and hard you can kick you legs!
This month you turned three months old! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. With three months has come 5 pounds and 5 inches! You have finally found your voice which means you now laugh and coo but you can also let out a cry when you mean it!
The last few nights you have been waking up at two in the morning! I don't know why all the sudden you decided to do this but would you please stop? please?
Yesterday was a big day for you! You rolled over three times in a row! While I was trying to take these pictures in fact! And you got a good grip on Joeys hair for the first time! I thought she was going to scream at you but she didn't. She sweetly asked you not to do it again and then went and got a head band to keep the hair out of you face! She really loves you kiddo and I think you two will be great friends! I hope anyway! There is no one in the world like a big sister and I hope you learn to know that and appreciate it!
You are my boy Jackson and I love you so much! I never quite got the bond with a mother and son but now I know it! I am so glad we have you in our family, thank you for the sweet spirit you bring and all the laughs and all the hugs! You will always be my little guy!
All my love,


Too Much Love?

Yep turns out that sometime it is just a little to much love! I tell you what though Jackson is one heck of a sport! Even though she pushes her head on his and is constantly stroking him, he still loves her. He gets excited when he hears her and starts looking around to find her! He even gives her great big smiles! (which I have yet to get a picture of.) He is one happy easy going baby! And we all love him a lot!

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