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It Came... It Came Just the Same....

Yeah Christmas was so fun this year! With Winnies excited "whoow" over every present and sledding and snowmobiling what more do you need? For the past 7 years my family has been going to a cabin at Bear Lake. It is great we all go up and stay for a few days, it seems to make Christmas last longer like a little holiday. I love it. This year it was a little smaller than usual with only two grnadkids but Ethan and Win has a great time together, He is one great cousin!

Funny thing was Kev and I woke up before anyone else did so I went down to see if Ethan was up and sure enough he was down in his room awake and just waiting. The second he heard me he jumped out of bed and was ready to go... So at 6 am we went in and woke up Joey. She is just like her mom, NOT a morning person but once she figured out what was going on she got really excited!

It took her a minute to realize that after a month of being told she couldn't open gifts that she finally she could! Once that sunk in there was no stopping her!
Thanks Santa! We had a wonderful Christmas... Can't wait until next year!!!


Santa Claus is comin to town!

This year I got a little carried away and decided to make my own Christmas card... Well Eryn actually called and asked if I would make hers and I of course said yes! I thought it turned out super cute!

Merry Christmas everyone!


It's Official!!

Last Saturday Kev graduated from USU! It was such a fun day and even if he didn't really want to walk I am really glad he did! It just makes it seem more official!
Anyway just a few pics.. Kevin's whole family came!! It as so awesome and I could not be happier about it or more proud of him!

So what is real life like?


A day or two ago... I thought I'd take a ride....

Yeah it is finally Christmas time and there is snow to go with it! We went sledding down Old Main hill last weekend and it was so fun! Kev and I haven't been since we were first dating and we went to Wal-Mart and Kev sprung for twenty bucks on this tube! (That is more than he spent on our first date!) But the good news is it has lasted us 3 years and is still a blast to ride on!

Winnie was lovin it! We took her all the way to the top of the hill and send her down on her own! A little dangerous yes but she loved every minute of it! What a doll!

But in the end it was really Maizy that she liked the best! (Todd and Megans dog) She is lovin dogs now a days. She has the uff uuf down pat. She really must be daddy's little girl! We all know how I feel about pets!

And ofcourse a trip to see Santa! Went about as well as we thought it would! She really likes to get the candy cane but really doesn't like sitting on his lap!


3 moves in 1 year!

First I have to say how proud I am of Kev! Honestly, the man is a work horse and does such an amazing job caring for two very high maintenance babes!

Anyway, Kevin is graduating from Utah State University in two weeks with a dual major in Accounting and Spanish.
He recently accepted a position with Utah Retirement Systems in Salt Lake. So we will be there until May.
Then it is off to London for an internship with Deloitte,
Then to Washington D.C. for a permanent position with PricewaterhouseCoopers!!
Does that sound like a lot to anyone else? We could not be more excited!
Or more proud of Kev! Way to be! We sure do love you!

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