He came. We saw. We froze!

Yeah Uncle Todd came to visit! Kev's oldest brother came out this last weekend! It was so fun to see him! (we did miss the rest of his family though!)

On Saturday we took a trip down to the district! We actually drove which I could not have been happier about! I think I am trained out from London! That and the Metro is so slow! (sorry but it is!)And I think we got to see a lot more this way!

My little American!

Joey of course wanted "uncle Nodd" to carry her, and he was nice enough to do it! Oh and yeah she brought her dog "jasper" with her, it is always something lately!

We went to the Museum of American History, it just so happened it was the grand re opening of it and was super crowded so we didn't stay long. Just long enough to see Starwars and..

My most favorite photograph EVER! The Original Richard Avendon! This was the cover of Vogue! I have always loved it so much! I think we will be going back often!

Stolled down the mall to Washington and Lincoln! What handsome brothers!!

Joey and Daddy and Lincoln! It was so cold I forced her to wear her hat which I think she kept on for maybe ten minutes, I wore it the rest of the time!

And finally some rest! Yes that is her under the blanket, next time I will pack two or three!

Thanks so much for coming Todd! We had so much fun and can't wait for you to return! However Joey does want you to bring Maisy next time!


Grammy and Pa see Jojo's new house!!

Yahoo! My parents came out for a quick but REALLY fun visit! They of course had a travel nightmare and probably spent more time in the airport than they did with us but it was worth it!

Joey was so excited to show Grammy and Pas her new house and her own room and her own toys! First thing when she would wake up, "I wanna see Pas!" Too cute!

We went for a walk down to the river. This is after we spent one whole day at the mall doing all my moms Christmas shopping! Which I of course loved!

I took some portraits of my parents! (more on my photo blog) They were good sports and I am going to give my siblings prints for Christmas gifts! (no surprise there, sorry!)

It was really nice and warm as we were walking down to the river and then when we were there the weather got worse and worse.

We got soaking wet and had to hide in the trees, but it broke and we were able to make it back home!

Not with out a few more pictures at the end!

Joey loves to find sticks and throw them in the river. Pa's of course was really good at it!

Don't worry my mom didn't carry her the whole way back to our place but close! The day they got here Joey kept saying to me "mama, I want grammy carry jojo" I guess she got what she wanted!

We discovered holly berries on our way back and this is Joey about to eat one... She thought it was really funny to see our reaction so she kept faking for a while!

Kev and I actually had to speak in church today. Nerve racking I know. OUr talks were on gratitude, fitting because I couldn't be more thankful for my parents. I think Heavenly Father knew it was going to be hard for me to see them for such a short about of time so asking me to think about gratitude made it easier for me to just be thankful they came and not be sad they weren't staying for longer.. Not that I didn't try to get my mom to change her ticket, I did. But they came they saw and now they are headed to Seattle. Gotta love em!! Thanks for coming!! I loved every minute of it!!


No Sleep till.....cribby!

So remember how I had to buy Joey a new bed and I had to get all new bedding for her... and I had to have her out of her pack n play?

Turns out after a month of no sleep...

We put her back in her pack n play!!! She would not stay in her big bed and she was so tired all the time! She just didn't know what to do with all the freedom. She fell asleep like this for her nap. After she had gone in her close, got her shoes on (it is usually princess shoes) and gathered all her books to read to herself!

Needless to say life is much easier with her back in her "cribby" she sleeps through the night again, wakes up happy and takes her naps!! I figure I better get all the rest I can now before the baby comes and no one sleeps!!


Sarah Rocks!

Lucky us! In case you haven't heard.... Kevs cousin Sarah and her family live out here too! (note Halloween!) They invited us to Sunday dinner at their house and Sarah brought up totes of boy clothes to give to us! I was so excited! We have nothing for this kid and I haven't even really given it that much thought! (not that I am not excited, just busy) But now we are really set and don't have much else to get! Just some grandmas to make blankets and I can call it good! Thanks so much Sarah, you rock! Not to mention an awesome shopping buddy!


The Main Event

Jowin LOVED Halloween this year! She was so funny and a little confused by the whole thing in the beginning. When we first started pulling out decorations every thing was "scary, scary" and by the end after a Halloween shirt, a Charlie and Lola Halloween book and a Maisy Halloween book, it turned into "mom, more scary!!"

We were lucky enough to spend Halloween with The McDaniel family! Sarah is Kevs cousin and she came up and picked me and Joey up so we could play and trick or treat with them! (Thanks again Sarah!!)

Joey the Lady....bug. Braxton the Rock Star and Kenny the Giraffe!

I couldn't resist the photo ops! They were so dang cute!!

By the end, Kenny was a little sick of my camera in his face! (can't really blame him!) And oddly enough Joey was asking me to take more pictures of her!! That never happens!

They had so much fun Trick or Treating! Joey just love playing with Braxton! We got off to a slow start but by the end Joey couldn't even or didn't want to carry her bag! All that and I don't think she said trick or treat once and snuck a few extra pieces of candy at a few houses! Who's kid is she? Thanks again Sarah we had a great time!!
Happy Halloween!!

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