"Fresh Fish! You catch em! We buy em!"

We decided to take a break between the pool and watching the World Cup and have some family time! We took a drive and found a fruit and veggie stand.

Joey told me I could take one smiling picture and one funny face picture! I'm glad I could actually get one.

Brother and Sister! So fun! And so cute! And really starting to play together! It is so fun to watch and I am so glad we got to get out and have a fun adventure!


A Whole Lot

Of threats, yelling, crying and bribing... and we got it! A family picture with every one looking!

Its not wonder I stay behind the camera, being in front is too much work! ha!


American Girls Day Out!

We had a great time staying at the Mcmullins house this last week! We
got to play American Girl Dolls all day! And even got all dressed up
an went to a movie! It was fun to see Joey having such a great time
playing with something I love just as much as she does!

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