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Okay so Jordan even sent me an email tagging me so I guess I better get on it.
7 thing about me that you may not know

1. I knew I wanted to marry Kevin before he even knew my name.
2. I am left handed, can wiggle my ears and have double jointed elbows!
3. I sleep in until 9:00 everyday! (so does Win!) My sisters hate it!
4. My sister Eryn told me I should major in photography, so I did. And I loved it and still do. She is still to this day my number one fan.. Love you sis!
5. I never really say what I truely think or feel.
6. I never had friends growing up.I never needed them, I always just played with my brothers and sisters. One of the many perks of being the youngest of 9 children!
7. I dream about being a fashion photographer and having my photo on the cover of Vogue!

So there you have it... and 7 people I tag are
Eryn, Stacy,Teisha, Dawnelle, Lanie, Marj and Jen


Seattle Baby!

So Win and I went to Seattle this last weekend to visit Aunty Eryn! In the usual style we stuck a good old backpack on Joey and her squeaky shoes and we were off!

We got there and were so happy to see our cousis! Joey and Aussie were so cute together! They went and stayed in nursery together the whole time. Aussie got really sad and so I told Joey to go give him loves which she promptly did and they played the rest of the time! (two hours!)

Oh and these two girls were oh so cute! They even had a slumber party the first night! Kay is the best big cousin making sure Joey is right there keeping up with her. We sure do love our Kay Kay! And of course we dressed them the same, it was too cute not to! Best friends, just like their mommas!

The boat at Bell Square. Such a party. We had a girls shopping night and we literally shopped till we dropped Kay was out before we left the parking lot!

It was a snow day on Monday! Yahoo! We had a good old time only Eryn doesn't have any sleds so we used a laundry basket and Travs snowboard until the neighbor kids came out and shared the goods! Look at Tucky go! Six and boarding, too cute!

The "woods" in Eryns backyard. this tree is huge! Easily over 100 feet tall.

A little Seattle scenery.. Eryn and I had grandious ideas of going shooting in downtown but of course we ended up shopping instead... Next time though...

We sure do love our Howeys! Thanks for having us come! Oh and Tuck I hope to move into your neighborhood someday!


Busy Little Bee!

So lately Joey has been so busy! Into everything and wanting to do everything, wanting to know everything! I just can't believe how big she is getting! Kev and I keep looking at her and saying, when did she get so big? She is only 17 months and she is taller than all the lother kids in her play group. She is just so full of personality and always makes me laugh. We go to any store and she stops to wave and say hi to basically every person she sees. Kev keeps trying to teach her stanger danger but I don't think it is working! She sure does keep us on our toes.... But I think we are up for the challenge!


The New Face of Blush Floral.... Me!

So this is really funny. But my great friend and fellow photographer Stacy (who finally started a blog! Yeah!) took these pics of me for Blush Floral in Logan.
Bridal pictures of a girl who has been married for almost 3 year and a mom to a 1 year old! Really I just said okay because I still to this day LOVE my wedding dress more than anything and was really happy to see that after having a baby I still fit in to it!(Stacy remember that guy who asked me if I thought I would ever fit into it again during your crit?) I guess we showed him! Thanks you rock!!


Time to say goodbye!

Oddly enough I have actually had some mixed feelings about leaving Logan... I know, I know.. Yeah I am off to the "big" city and am really excited about it but there are quite a few things I am going to miss..

Like shopping with my mom..
running errands with my mom...
working with my dad...
going out to eat with my parents...
having my mom babysit...
Sunday dinner at my parents house..
And I know Winnie is going to go through Grammy and Pa withdrawal...

So I guess it is more like I will miss my parents than I will actually miss Logan!
Oh well whats done is done. We had some good times there.. I found Kev, who has made me the happiest woman in the world. We thought the day would never come but we both graduated from USU and of course we had our beautiful baby girl there. So I guess Logan will always have a special place in my heart...... (who would have thought!)

Kickin the habit in 08!

So things have been a little crazy lately... Christmas, moving, staying with my parents... Anyway I guess somewhere in the scramble Joey took to drinking, and eating...

I came down the stairs and there she was. Opening reeces peanut butter cups and taffy and had found a diet coke from somewhere... I asked what was up and she just looked at me went on eating her candy. Than proceeded to take big drinks of diet coke and follow with a big ahhhh.....
My new years resolution? Say good bye to the diet coke and keep the candy out of reach!

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