Holly Jolly Christmas! it is the best time of the year after all!!

We had such a fun Christmas! We stayed here in Virgina and my friend Rebecca invited us to spent Christmas eve with them at her family party! And boy was it a party! I guess it has been going on for over 30 years with neighbors and friends and it was so great fun to get to go! They did a huge wonderful dinner, then after shared some talents!

Joey and Kev enjoying the singing!

Joey wasted no time making her self at home, she got up and sang with Rebecca's girls! Aren't they adorable?!

She played and sang Jingle Bells with the whole bunch!

And was one of the wise men in the Nativity! it was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen! I told her she had to go give her gift to baby Jesus so when it was her turn she walked right up to the baby and started talking to the baby and trying to give her her gift, I guess I should have said to go daddy instead! It was really funny!

The whole Nativity, Kev is on the end sitting next to Rebecca's brother. When they walked in, Rebecca's boy said "hey two uncle Andrews!" It was pretty cute!

Thanks so much for having us Rebecca and family! It was so fun and so nice to be with a big family on Christmas Eve, it helped so much to make me not feel homesick!

The day after Christmas, which is when we celebrated Christmas, Santa brought Joey a big surprise... Grandma and Bompa!! They flew out right before they grounded all the planes in Salt Lake! And we are so glad they made it! Joey woke up the next morning and walked out of her room the same time Marj was coming out of the bathroom, she looked at her and yelled "Grandma came to Jojo's new house!!" and gave her a big hug! She was so excited!

Waiting on the stairs by herself, a tradition in the making! next year she will have some company at least!

She asked Santa for one thing for Christmas, a DRUM! She was so excited and done opening gifts after she got it!!

I'm not going to lie, it is pretty loud but totally worth it, she drums and sings and has a blast! I love it!

A few other things that topped her Christmas list, Kermy! He hasn't left her side and she has only gotten out of bed once since he came and that was to get me to try and help her find her Kermy who was already in bed, she just didn't see him! Thank you Kermy!

Her new coloring book. She only colors peoples faces, I can't figure it out but think it is pretty funny!

It was such a great Christmas! Thank you so much to Grandma's and Grandpa's, aunts and uncles and friends for making it turn out that way! We loved it, even if it was sixty degrees and sunny here! I think next year we will be heading back to the snow!!


Ain't No Party Like a West Coast Party!

So Joey and I have been in Seattle for the last two weeks!! And while my arm is still recovering from so many photo shoots (I will post on my photo blog soon!) I thought I would blog about our awesome pre-Christmas Christmas party!

Jen, Ethan and Eli came out for it and with Eryn's four and me and Jo we had a FULL house!

We did gingerbread houses which my sisters made from scratch!

Than we opened Christmas jammies! Thanks grammy for the night dress!

We woke up bright and early and opened gifts! Well some were up earlier than other! :)

Jojo received this beautiful tent from Ethie and guess what? She slept in her bed when we got home! First time since the pack and play ordeal so THANK YOU Ethan!!

We had a girls night and watched Little Women, Eryn and Kayers had just read the book...The movie was a total bust and I think I am the only one who finished it! Who ever thought Winonna Ryder could play Jo was seriously wrong!!

And just some good old cuzzy time! Joey would wake up every morning and say I want to see jojo's cuzzys! So thanks Eryn for having us out, even if I did take more pictures than any sane person should have too, and Joey picked up some wonderful new habits!! WE love you guys and miss you already!!


New York, New York!!!

So we had the best Thanksgiving this year! Granted it took us ten hours to go 200 miles but it was worth it in the end! We went to my brothers place in NYC! Growing up I always loved watching the Macys day parade on tv and this year we got to see it live! It was so fun! We just walked out my brothers door basically went across the street and waited! It was awesome! Joey loved the big balloons and we got to see Hannah Montana and David Archuleta... it was fun!

The beginning

Sesame Street, Joey went nuts over that one!

Watching from Daddys shoulders, which we aching by the time the parade was over, but she didn't complain once! and it was pretty crowded!

Kermmy!! So Joey loves Kermit! Kev can take full credit for that one. I think she is the only two year old who loves to watch the muppet show and knows who John Denver is!

Horton, he was the new addition this year.

And then Santa!! It was funny because the parade got really slow there in the middle, I mean boring slow and then all the sudden it was like they were running and Santa came zooming by! Kind of bummer and I really don't know why he was on that golden goose...

Times Square! This was right after Santa passed, it got crazy, new yorkers...!

Then it was back to Scott's for the feast! My brother really went to an effort to make it nice, he went out and bought dishes and everything!! He kept mocking this table clothe he had so I of course documented it!.. it wasn't that bad!

And the food! I am not one to take pictures of food, but I was so proud of our meal! My brothers did a lot of the work even! Scott got the turkey ready and Ty helped make the salads! I know! It was so delicious! Thank goodness we ordered online!!

Friday it was off to see Santa! The real Santa at Macys! It was so crazy and so crowded but so worth it! Not only did we get to see Santa but I got to see my friend Steph and her family! Steph came out to London and went to Paris with me and Eryn! It was so fun to see her even if it was complete madness! (sorry Blake! :)

The line to see Santa actually moved really fast and you got to walk through a wonder land! Joey was lovin it!

But once we got to Santa she wanted nothing to do with it. It was a bummer too because she was all prepared to tell Santa she wanted a drum for Christmas! I have the feeling he will get it for her anyway!

And to top off our wonderful New York at Christmas experience we went ice skating in Central Park!! Of course it was crowded and I know this isn't the best pic of us, but it was SO FUN! Once in a life time! (or once every year if Scott has us back!)

Joey loved loved loved it! I know I say that a lot but really she did! She was just cracking up and asking to go faster! Kev was so good at taking her around, it hurt my back too bad to do it!

Look how cute she is in her skates! They were about 4 sizes to big but not once did she complain! My girl is quite the athlete!

And here we all are! Well I am taking the pic but you know. Joey, Ty, Olivia (ty's girlfriend) Scott and Kevy! What a good lookin group!

Thanks so much Scotty for letting us come and take over your awesome house! It is the best location for all thing New York! We did everything on my list and started the season off right! Now we are off to Seattle for more Christmas fun!
I love the Holidays!!

He came. We saw. We froze!

Yeah Uncle Todd came to visit! Kev's oldest brother came out this last weekend! It was so fun to see him! (we did miss the rest of his family though!)

On Saturday we took a trip down to the district! We actually drove which I could not have been happier about! I think I am trained out from London! That and the Metro is so slow! (sorry but it is!)And I think we got to see a lot more this way!

My little American!

Joey of course wanted "uncle Nodd" to carry her, and he was nice enough to do it! Oh and yeah she brought her dog "jasper" with her, it is always something lately!

We went to the Museum of American History, it just so happened it was the grand re opening of it and was super crowded so we didn't stay long. Just long enough to see Starwars and..

My most favorite photograph EVER! The Original Richard Avendon! This was the cover of Vogue! I have always loved it so much! I think we will be going back often!

Stolled down the mall to Washington and Lincoln! What handsome brothers!!

Joey and Daddy and Lincoln! It was so cold I forced her to wear her hat which I think she kept on for maybe ten minutes, I wore it the rest of the time!

And finally some rest! Yes that is her under the blanket, next time I will pack two or three!

Thanks so much for coming Todd! We had so much fun and can't wait for you to return! However Joey does want you to bring Maisy next time!


Grammy and Pa see Jojo's new house!!

Yahoo! My parents came out for a quick but REALLY fun visit! They of course had a travel nightmare and probably spent more time in the airport than they did with us but it was worth it!

Joey was so excited to show Grammy and Pas her new house and her own room and her own toys! First thing when she would wake up, "I wanna see Pas!" Too cute!

We went for a walk down to the river. This is after we spent one whole day at the mall doing all my moms Christmas shopping! Which I of course loved!

I took some portraits of my parents! (more on my photo blog) They were good sports and I am going to give my siblings prints for Christmas gifts! (no surprise there, sorry!)

It was really nice and warm as we were walking down to the river and then when we were there the weather got worse and worse.

We got soaking wet and had to hide in the trees, but it broke and we were able to make it back home!

Not with out a few more pictures at the end!

Joey loves to find sticks and throw them in the river. Pa's of course was really good at it!

Don't worry my mom didn't carry her the whole way back to our place but close! The day they got here Joey kept saying to me "mama, I want grammy carry jojo" I guess she got what she wanted!

We discovered holly berries on our way back and this is Joey about to eat one... She thought it was really funny to see our reaction so she kept faking for a while!

Kev and I actually had to speak in church today. Nerve racking I know. OUr talks were on gratitude, fitting because I couldn't be more thankful for my parents. I think Heavenly Father knew it was going to be hard for me to see them for such a short about of time so asking me to think about gratitude made it easier for me to just be thankful they came and not be sad they weren't staying for longer.. Not that I didn't try to get my mom to change her ticket, I did. But they came they saw and now they are headed to Seattle. Gotta love em!! Thanks for coming!! I loved every minute of it!!

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